Is UZI a Suitable Weapon for PUBG Mobile Beginners?

Weapons are important items that players must carefully prepare. PUBG Mobile is known as a game that provides various weapons complete with details. For you PUBG Mobile beginners, this time we will provide info about the UZI weapon which is said to be quite recommended for beginners.

PUBG Mobile is considered a complicated game because of its various gameplay details, weapons and military equipment. That is what makes someone who is just trying to play PUBG Mobile difficult and requires a lot of adaptation time.

Beginner players will look for weapons that are familiar to them, such as those available in other games, even though the performance of the weapons is different. Or more strangely, beginners would just pick up whatever weapon they could find.

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Get to know UZI Weapons

UZI or also known as Micro UZI is a Submachine Gun (SMG) type weapon. This SMG is a type of weapon with a 9mm bullet type with a magazine of 25 bullets. UZI has 3 attachment slots, namely for muzzle, stock, and magazine. But there is no slot for scope. This weapon has an automatic fire mode.

In addition, like other SMGs, UZI has a high rate of fire even though it is only good for melee attacks. The advantage of this weapon is that it is easy to find because the UZI is scattered in many places on each map.

Is UZI Suitable for Beginners?

Weapons in PUBG Mobile are constantly being updated and improved in performance. Likewise with the UZI. This weapon is indeed known as an SMG with good performance, especially when used for melee attacks.

But the problem is that the recoil of this weapon is not bad and the accuracy is not very good. For a more stable recoil, you can try a stock attachment. As for accuracy, now the UZI can be equipped with a red dot sight and a holographic sight that makes it easier to aim when shooting.

So this UZI is quite recommended for beginners. The performance of this weapon is quite friendly for beginners as well as for media adaptation for beginners when trying other weapons at PUBG Mobile. Moreover, beginners attack more often at close range and the UZI is easy to find in various locations on each map.

Those are the tips for UZI weapons that are suitable for PUBG Mobile beginners. There are many weapons whose initial performance can still be tolerated by PUBG Mobile beginners even though in performance they are not too painful. Thank you!