Item Build Badang Mobile Legends, ML sick hero

Badang is a very deadly mobile legends fighter role and can even be said to be the fighter hero with the highest damage output in the game with his combo. In the early and late game mobile legends, even this hero can dominate the game very easily. This time there is a Badang Mobile Legends Build Item that you must follow so that the body gets sicker.

Badang has a very deadly combo and even enemies who don’t have escape skills will die quickly, especially the squishy hero. But Badang’s weakness is that users who don’t understand how to use themselves easily trap themselves because of skill 2.

Here we will provide the Badang Mobile Legends Build Item in Mobile Legends as a fighter brawler that can be played very aggressively and deadly. This build will provide the highest damage for himself.

Badang is a fighter who has very strong potential. He can easily dominate the lane thanks to his lucrative skillset. Of course this hero has one of the most painful combos in the game.

You can use Badang the fighter who easily dominates his lane if the build item is good. It can be used as a burst or bruiser like this.

If you can’t wait, we already have the build below.

Item Build Badang Mobile Legends


Badang is a hero who will often start a fight, be it a team fight or a gang. He will also often fight 1v1 enemies thanks to his skillset. Warrior Boots will be the best item for him because it provides physical reduction which is quite useful even until the late game.


The thing that makes Badang so deadly is his ultimate skill which is counted as an auto attack. This means that all items can be triggered by their passive effect when the ulti is used, DHS will be very useful because it provides ASPD, damage, and also passivity that does not enter when the ulti is active.

Physical item – BERSERKER FURY

With his ulti, which launches continuous attacks, critical eating is the obvious choice. With Berserker all of Badang’s damage will increase very high, plus the enemy will die very quickly without a fight. This item will be more dangerous in the late game.

Physical Items – SCARLET PHANTOM

Scarlet Phantom is clearly the next item so that Badang’s ulti will trigger more critical times. In addition, this item will provide very high damage and ASPD and is useful for him. The passive of this item has no effect because the enemy will die before MVSPD is useful.

Physical item – BLADE OF DESPAIR

With Despair Badang damage will greatly increase thanks to the highest damage item in the game and also this item has a dangerous passive. The critical value from Badang will also be the higher the value. In the late game you can kill enemies very easily.


In the last slot, Build Badang Mobile Legend, Badang actually has high item flexibility. He can use many items such as RGM, Haas, or Wing of the Apocalypse Queen. All of these items are very suitable and useful for him. Because a little sustain is very good.

Corrosion Scythe (Alt)

For alternative items, you can try using this one item. With this item, you can make it difficult for the enemy to run away from you. Because, your attacks will have a slow effect, which is strong enough to stop the enemy from running away from you.

That’s the best Badang Mobile Legends Build Item for you to use. With a flexible Item Build, you can even play in various conditions. So, you can try other items to replace other items.

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