Latest Vegeance Event July 2020 FF, Free Fire Revenge!

Until now, the Free Fire game still often presents many cool events, so that the players will not be bored playing the game. Especially for now there is a Leak for the Latest Vegeance Event July 2020 FF, the God of Death Free Fire, of course the event that will be present in this game will definitely be a replacement event for Rampage free fire which is much more exciting.

The developments in the Free Fire game are all quite good and interesting for us to try. Surely the players will also not feel bored, when playing the Free Fire game. Moreover, later we can experience lots of other cool events. Because of things like this, many players will definitely be waiting for them.

Events are really cool for us to try, so later we can get lots of prizes. If yesterday we had the Rampage 2.0 Event, then we will have the latest event which is much more exciting. Surely all of you too, can’t wait anymore right. Curious? Check out the article below.

New Free Fire Theme Event – The Vegeance

On the Garena fanpage on Facebook, they have provided a leak of this new event for players in Indonesia. From the event trailers currently present, it is indeed good and interesting for us to know. Of course the trailer will provide a new leak, which will be an event with interesting friends in the future in the Free Fire game.

So for the theme of this new Event, related to The Vegenace. Surely you will also feel many interesting things if you participate in completing this event. Especially in the future, we will be able to get lots of cool prizes. Because an event with a new theme will definitely be an event in the long run in Free Fire.

Latest Vegeance Event July 2020 FF

Also from the trailer presented, there are 2 characters who are members of Vegeance. The aim of this Member too, is to make revenge on an organization. Certainly the organization they considered to be, was one organization that had made a lot of ordinary people miserable.

Because from the July 2020 FF’s Latest Vegeance Event Trailer, we can see a lot of ordinary people who are always under attack. Now the attack received is direct from foreign aircraft, of course the attack will also be one of the major devastating effects. As for this male character, he did battle with these enemy troops.

Latest Vegeance Event July 2020 FF

It can not be separated from the female character, where this character is exploring and is blocked by the enemy. But I don’t know why he found a weapon, with a pretty sharp shape. So he was on duty to scout out, instead he found a weapon that was quite a large Sickle-type.

Indeed, it hasn’t been explained in the future, but we will all be curious about this new theme event. Because that way those of you who are still playing the Free Fire game, don’t miss this new event. Because this grudge will be avenged, at the time the Vegeance event has been started by Garena later.

God of Death Free Fire

Latest Vegeance Event July 2020 FF

Certainly, in this July 2020 FF’s Latest Vegeance Event, there are many prizes and event missions that we can participate in. So all of you, don’t forget to take part in this event later.

Latest Vegeance Event July 2020 FF

The latest Vegeance event July 2020 FF, which is presented in the Free Fire game, is all good and certainly interesting to try. All of you who are still playing this game, don’t forget to try it. Because from this event, there must be lots of cool prizes that can be obtained later.

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