List of Indonesian Esports Teams to Form LoL Mobile Wild Rift Division?

Wild Rift, which has been confirmed to have a very large esports scene, will certainly make a lot of teams interested. How could I not, apart from being backed by Riot, mobile games like this are huge in Asia! This allows the Indonesian esports team to enter the Wild Rift.

But of course you are curious about who the team will anchor to in the Wild Rift. Given that in Indonesia there are a lot of fairly large teams. Being quite active in moba like Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor allows them to form a team in the Wild Rift.

List of Indonesian Esports Teams to Form LoL Mobile Wild Rift

Surely you are also curious about what teams dare to open divisions in Wild Rift. Although roughly speaking this game is not yet fully released, apparently there are already many interested teams. There is even one team that has started to open recruitment.

  1. EVOS
  2. BOOM ID
  3. RRQ
  4. ONIC
  5. Bigetron
  6. Aerowolf
  7. PG.Barracx

We have been waiting for the entry of Indonesian teams to play in the Wild Rift. Supported by Riot, the Wild Rift scene will certainly not die, it is even stronger. Especially if you see the success of LoL and also Valorant even though they are still under the shadow of CSGO and R6.

Here, let’s talk about the Indonesian esports team entering the Wild Rift. It is possible that there will be many teams trying to enter the Wild Rift. But perhaps there won’t be much for long if Wild Rift uses the LoL system for their competitive scene.


Who doesn’t know EVOS. Previously successful in games like Dota, this time EVOS has indeed spread their wings to many games. Their gaming division is quite extensive, starting from ML, RoV, AoV, PUBG Mobile, PB, and Free Fire. Having many divisions like this certainly makes EVOS one of the best SEA teams.


The name BOOM is definitely familiar to veteran esports lovers. Reaping enormous success made their name skyrocketed thanks to Dota and CSGO. They even managed to buy a Brazilian team for their CSGO division, and the original CSGO team went to Valorant.

Boom is certain to create the Wild Rift team because currently they are opening an open recruitment for the Wild Rift team.


RRQ will certainly not pass this big opportunity. Reaping success in Dota and Mobile Legends, it is certain that moba like Wild Rift will also be picked up. RRQ has great resources and they will definitely make the Wild Rift team. You must have been waiting for RRQ vs EVOS in the Wild Rift, right?


ONIC is indeed compared to the above, all of which are considered a new team. But make no mistake, even though as a new team ONIC is one of the most successful teams in Indonesia. It’s terrible in Mobile Legends, maybe it makes ONIC interested in expanding to the Wild Rift.


Bigetron is the same as ONIC, maybe not a veteran in the Indonesian esports world, but Bigetron might be one of the most successful organizations here. Bigetron has a very terrible PUBG Mobile team. They dominate the competition and are even feared on the international scene. They have also opened an open recuitment on their Instagram, you know


If you know Aerowolf from Mobile Legends, then you are a new player in the world of esports. Aerowolf has actually been in the world of Esports for a long time. In fact, they can be said to be quite a respected old team. Aerowolf is better known in the SEA scene thanks to their Rainbow 6 team before being bought by Vodafone Giants.


One of the most successful internet cafe teams in Indonesia, they are reaping success in the Dota scene. In the past, Barracx was very much feared in SEA thanks to their expertise when playing Dota. Their success is what makes Barracx a great organization. Most likely will enter the Wild Rift.

Those are some of the speculations regarding the Indonesian esports team that will enter the Wild Rift. Some have been confirmed and some are unclear. Actually there are many other teams that will enter the Wild Rift. For example Team Morph, which already has a team in Wild Rift. Also follow our social media on Instagram.


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