Mistakes That are Often Made by Mathilda Users Mobile Legends (ML)

Since it was first published on December 12, 2020 yesterday. Mathilda is a popular hero because she is a free hero so many Mobile Legends gamers play it. No wonder there are quite a few players who use Mathilda from the classic to the ranked game. Here are some mistakes that Mathilda users often make in Mobile Legends. On this occasion, my Esports will give some mistakes that Mathilda often makes in the Mobile Legends game.

Mathilda is one of the first support assassins presented by Moonton at the Land of Dawn. This hero is quite special with the role it has. This role was first popularized by Selena in both the competitive and non-competitive realms. Until now, many players have used Mathilda because of the mistakes that Mathilda players often make in the following Mobile Legends.

Mathilda Mobile Legends User Error

Playing Mathilda has an easy mechanism. However, based on my playing experience using this hero, you can’t force some things while playing

You just need to avoid some mistakes that Mathilda users often make in Mobile Legends (ML):

Using Guiding Wind Indiscriminately

First, the arbitrary use of the Guiding Wind skill, where this one skill allows Mathilda to jump forward and get a shield and additional movement speed. Many use this skill alone. Make sure you use the Guiding Wand when there are teammates to make it even more effective.

Ensure Safe Conditions When Using Ultimate

Both, many use Mathilda’s ultimate skill carelessly and don’t see the condition of the opponent’s hero who is the target. For example, when your opponent has a lot of Crowd Control and is collecting, using the ultimate towards your opponent is wrong. Make sure you use the ultimate when your opponent is alone either in lane or jungle.

Not Playing Aggressively

Mathilda’s ability to play is to make her play aggressive, fast but still focused. This can be seen from Mathilda’s skill which has several mechanisms that can give buff effects, both shield and movement speed both on the team or herself. When using this hero playing aggressively will make this one hero maximal to play.

Rarely Roaming and Ganking

This is mostly done by Mathilda users as they do not roam much. In fact, this one heto is the best roam hero available today. Its gameplay mechanism is very suitable for Mathilda to quickly rotate up and down and perform ganking on the opponent’s hero. Lock your opponent with Mathilda’s ultimate and chase it with her skills.

Those are the mistakes that Mathilda users often make in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the presence of the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are just trying to play a hero who has this elite Mathilda skin in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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