ML Hero Tank Which Meta in Seasons 15, Must Try!

It’s probably because you don’t have any partner friends that you can invite everyday, and forced to play with other players who have the same goals. This might be a common things in Mobile Legends. But, what if one member of your team doesn’t take one of the hero tank? Surely, that causes an upset since you don’t have a strong defense hero to be one of front lane and also to open war with an enemy.

Now we have come to the 15th season, where the new seasons of Mobile Legends have to come back for push rank indeed to achieve Mythic Rank in the season. And now there are also many hero tanks going into the Meta.

In this 15th seasons of Mobile Legends, user of tanks especially Belerick user will be grateful. Because the hero will get a Rework that is profitable either in protection of friends or war.

On this occasion we will provide some information regarding the hero tank that will be a meta and rank for the 15th annual best push rank. Are you curious? Let’s check this explanation below!

4 Hero Tanks Which Becomes Meta in Season 15

  1. Grock

About Role Crowd Control in Mobile Legends

This one of hero tank became a part of meta hero tank in season 15th. Grock’s abilities could provide a big dagame as well as a huge defense level. This hero is a subscriber Pick in Mythic rank. Grock got a Nerf that made his HP drop, but it’s could be resolve by his firm defense.

  1. BaxiaNew Hero Tank ML Baxia in Mobile Legends

This hero tank that become Meta in this season is Baxia. The new arrivals is also one of the popular tanks that used to be a super meta in the 14th seasons. The unique ability from Baxia has made himself as a roam expert with his skilled program.

Besides, passive from Baxia reduces the enemy abilities for life steal. This reduction was immense and could make the higher hero life steal, just like Alucard bow for Baxia.

  1. Belerick

The next hero tank is a hero that seldom to used and finally become one of meta hero tank in Season 15. Belerick got a rework or great revamp, and also Belerick become one of powerful hero tanks in season 15.

Belerick’s skill could give enemy a provocation with one of his skill, just like 2 Gatot Kaca. Second Belerick’s skill has changed slightly, now you won’t reduce HP while using his skill. And ultimate skill from Belericks could trap enemy with a wide range of area similar as his first skill.

  1. Khufra

The last Meta hero tank is Khufra. The abilities that given to this hero is sucks. Because every skills that Khufra has could give an effect for Crowd Control interfere. Khufra’s ultimate could effect knockback and also Stun effect for enemy. The stun effect applies only for an enemy that directed at wall.

And that’s all of hero tank meta in this 15th seasons. Hope that hero tank would help you to make a push easily for this seasons. That’s all we’d say, thank you.