Never Meta, Estes Get Buff in Mobile Legends 1.5.38

If you look at the heroes in Mobile Legends, surely you will know some meta and non-meta heroes. Now, one of the heroes who never meta this is Estes, and finally he will get the latest buff which will probably make him play a lot in Mobile Legends.

Esmes is a support hero who specializes in Regen Hp for both himself and his teammates. But what a shame. Mobile Legends gamers don’t rely on this ability so much. They are more inclined to use dealer damage support rather than full support. Yes, this can be said because Estes only gives Heal and a few slow effects.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the latest information regarding the buffs given to the hero support Estes on the latest update Mobile Legends Patch Note 1.5.38. With the updates presented, of course, it will make you even more sure to use Estes in the game. What are the buffs?

Information on Buff Estes in Mobile Legends 1.5.38

In the latest update of Mobile Legends 1.5.38 which was released yesterday, there are 5 heroes who get nerf and only one hero who gets the buff. With the presence of this buff, it certainly suggests us to use this non-popular hero. Another reason is because Estes himself is not very much played in Mobile Legends.

Estes has never even been played in Mobile Legends tournaments such as MPL ID Season 6, MPLI 2020 and even very rarely meets him ranked in Mobile Legends. This is because the abilities are limited and have many counters. Therefore Moonton gave a new buff by presenting a new effect on the hero Estes.

Moonton adds a new effect to his first skill. Previously, this skill would only heal heroes near Estes. This time you get an additional bonus of movement speed of 15%. This effect will be very helpful in a team fight, especially in attacking and avoiding an attack.

The gameplay mechanism from Estes will certainly increase. This will provide more support than just healing. But with the buffs that are given, will the hero Estes be played a lot?

This is quite different from the current meta, which relies on two offlaners, 1 tank, 1 core and one support. By relying on support with dealer damage abilities, of course it will be very useful if you use the support of several mage heroes like Vale or Valir.

But on the other hand, for those of you who play tanks using tanks, and then using Estes will be fine. Not only providing healing, Estes can also provide Crowd Control from his 2nd skill to the opponent and can provide more space for movement thanks to his new effect.

In closing, Estes is indeed not a popular hero. However, the presence of the buff above will make Estes quite balanced in the current meta. And most likely there will be quite a lot of players who are now using Estes as support in their game.

So that’s a review about the buff given to Estes in the latest Mobile Legends 1.5.38 patch update. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Stay tuned for more recent information. Stay Tune!