Nonton The Call (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

Starring actress Park Shin Hye, director Lee Chung Hyun’s film The Call with a very thick horror narrative.

The story centers on Seo Yeon who returns to her hometown to visit her sick mother.

Initially he did not find anything odd about his mother’s old-style house.

But because bad luck was coming to him, then he realized that the cellphone he was carrying was left on the train.

Confused, she looked for a means of communication at her grandmother’s house, but because her grandmother was old, she didn’t have any means of communication.

He kept looking for it in another house, but there was only an old communication device in the form of an outdated telephone.

Strange events began to occur, when the telephone and the old man received a call from an unknown number.

And this is where the film The Call, which will air on Neftflix, begins!

Synopsis of The Call

The Call 1The phone that was already using earlier then received a mysterious call from an unknown person.

After talking for a long time it turned out that a mysterious person named Young Sook, she was a 28-year-old woman who was locked up in the house.

Because he was slightly mentally handicapped and was considered abused by his own stepmother, he was therefore locked up alone in a room.

But strangely, the summons actually came from different years, namely back again in the past 10 years, namely 1999.

Long story short, Seo Yeon felt there was a strange abnormality in the call, not without reason because everything related to using the telephone became a reality.

Starting from preventing something from happening in the future, or seeing past events that will happen in the future.

At that time there was an incident regarding a murder which involved the lives of many people, so the total loss of life was very large.

Finding something different, then Seo Yeon continues to dig up information about events that occurred in the past.

He believes that he can change events in the future, by looking at the past like what happened.

Then can Seo Youn change the cold-blooded murder incident so that it doesn’t happen!

And did the cause of the summons reach him?

Information The Call (2020)

The Call 2Release Date: November 27, 2020

Duration: 1 hour 52 minutes

Genre: Horror, Crime, Mystery

Language: South Korean

Director: Chung Hyun Lee

Author: Sergio Cassi

Main cast:

  • Park Shin-Hye becomes Seo-yeon
  • Jong-seo Jun becomes Young-sook
  • Sung-ryung Kim becomes Seo-yeon’s mother (as Sung-ryung Kim)
  • El Lee becomes Young-sook’s mother
  • Park Ho-San becomes Seo-yeon’s father

Supporting Players:

  • Oh Jeong-Se becomes Sung-ho
  • Kyung-Sook Jo becomes Sun-hee
  • Ryu Kyung-Soo becomes the Junior police officer
  • Dong-hwi Lee becomes Baek Mi-hyun
  • Chang-gil Moon becomes a Junk collector
  • Yo-sep Song becomes a Police officer
  • Chae-Young Um becomes Seo-yeon (young)

Rate: 7.1 / 10 (

The Call (2020) Official Trailer

Nonton The Call (2020) Sub Indo Streaming Online

The mysterious call received by Seo Yeon can change the destiny of a better future.

But he still doesn’t understand how the call works, and how he could communicate with each other in the past.

Not without reason, his using telephone should no longer be used, but he also did not understand why it could turn on and get a mysterious call.

The storyline offered by the film The Call is really good by combining two different elements.

In fact, everything looks very real and there is also a mysterious impression that exists in every scene.

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