PMWL East 2020 Final Round Results Day 2! BTR RA tops the standings, RRQ Athena 3X WWCD!

The PUBG Mobile World League 2020 Grand Final has entered the second final round. Which this time the team from RRQ Athena managed to get 3x WWCD at once! These are the Results of the Final Round of PMWL East 2020 Day 2!

PMWL 2020 has started with the first 12 matches of the 16 best teams playing! In the final round of PMWL 2020 Day 1 where there was a Box Gaming team that managed to conquer the first place in the semntar standings and also the U Level Up team who managed to get 2 WWCD.

Now there is RRQ Athena who managed to get 3 WWCDs at the same time on PMWL 2020 day 2 where now RRQ Athena has won third place in the provisional standings.

PMWL 2020 Final Round Results Day 2!

In the final round of PMWL 2020 Day 2, it is very interesting because this time BTR RA managed to become the top 1 in the standings. Which has succeeded in catching up with Box Gaming, now down to position 2.

The most surprising thing is that RRQ Athena managed to get 3 WWCDs at once in one playing day. But even so, the number of placements and also the kill points was still less than BTR RA so that he was only able to get 3rd position.

However, it is not impossible if RRQ Athena plays well again and will take the BTR RA position in the top position the next day. Of course, the current BTR RA must be very vigilant on this one team.

BTR RA always plays aggressively and tries to get as many kill points as possible, this is also done on day 1 and day 2 where the strategy’s ability is very effective to bring it to the top position.

On the second day of the PWML 2020 final round, this time BTR RA became the new king on the Sanhok Map, this is where BTR RA was very dominant in getting WWCD on that map. But unfortunately, they don’t play well enough on the Erangel map.

On the other hand, for the RRQ Athena team which was less good when playing on the first day. On this second day they played very well, especially on the Miramar map by getting very good dominance.


Not only the Miramar map, for Map Erangel also this one team managed to get 2 WWCDs at once, this is what made team one play very well in the final round of PMWL 2020 on this second day!

On the other hand, Box Gaming, which previously played very well, must play poorly on this 2nd day. But even so, Box Gaming still remained in second place which had a narrow score from BTR RA and RRQ Athena.

For other teams such as TEAMIND, OR Esports, and also TSM Entity, they played quite well by getting the top 1 position which was after the position of Metastar and also T1.

So, those are the results of the PMWL 2020 Day 2 Grand Final, where BTR RA has now managed to top the provisional standings and RRQ Athena is in its best performance.

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