RRQ Sena’s Secret Weapon in Mobile Legends on MDL ID Season 2 Week 5!

Mobile Legends has at least 2 matches pro scene which is currently ongoing. The pros of these are MPL and MDL.

MDL itself is the ‘second league’ organized by Moonton and is a place to produce talent and pro player new. Called MDL, this second league just took place in 2020. So far MDL ID has also lasted until Season 2.

This time, MDL ID Season 2 has arrived at the final match on Week 5. With the meeting between RRQ Sena and Geek Fam Jr., RRQ managed to win the match. Interestingly, along 2 games successively, RRQ brought something new to their hero compositions.

As in games 1 RRQ uses Natalia as support, and games 2 where RRQ does not use a tank hero at all. Therefore, here is RRQ Sena’s secret weapon in MDL ID Season 2 Week 5!

Natalia RRQ Bless

RRQ Bless itself is one of them midlaner RRQ Sena who carried out the duties as support.

Playing neatly and consistently on match-match previously, RRQ Bless at games 1 against Geek Fam Jr brings something new. The reason is, RRQ Bless uses the hero Natalia as support for RRQ.

With the decision to choose this hero, Natalia RRQ Bless immediately became a figure who disturbed Geek Fam Jr. Especially in the area mid lane and bot lane from RRQ, Natalia RRQ Bless is quite successful.

Evidently, RRQ Sena’s level of aggressiveness was very high and even Ling RRQ Skylar got room to move and farming which is quite free. In the end, the high aggressiveness and consistency of RRQ Sena’s formation made them secure games 1 quickly.

Angela and Valir

On games 2 when dealing with Geek Fam Jr., RRQ Sena again presented a surprise to the loyal viewers of MDL ID.

RRQ Sena did not hesitate to present the composition draft pick without using a tank at all. Area midlaner RRQ Sena itself consists of Angela, Valir, and Hayabusa as hyper carry.

On the other hand, GEEK even managed to secure Hilda as their tank hero. The reason is, Hilda is a popular choice as a tank that will be very annoying carry the opposing party. But in fact, Hilda immediately became the monthly material for Angela and Valir at the beginning games 2 starts.

As games 1, the presence of Angela and Valir made Hayabusa RRQ Skylar have room to move and farming very broad. In fact, RRQ Skylar’s speed is in session farming cannot be matched by GEEK members.

The success of RRQ Sena by presenting Natalia and draft without this tank, of course, presents a variety of potential. Do not rule out, RRQ will return to present various new heroes as draft they’re on match next. That’s RRQ Sena’s secret weapon in MDL ID Season 2 Week 5!