Skin Gusion ML Starlight Use Fragment Mobile Legends

Mobile legends is a game that has tons of skins. Even so, there are some skins that you can’t get for free. Usually you can get this skin by buying with diamonds directly or by doing a lottery at certain events. There are also several skins that get it for free such as the season change skin. This time there is a Skin Gusion ML Starlight Using Fragment Mobile Legends!

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1 Skin Gusion ML Starlight with Mobile Legends Fragment!

1.1 Changes to the 2019 Gusion Starlight Skin

As we know, the starlight skin on mobile legends is a skin that has good and cool effects. This skin is usually accompanied by a change of seasons or intended for heroes who are selected as hero starlight members. That is, to get this hero skin, you have to spend IDR 149,000 to become a starlight member. After you become a starlight member, you can carry out missions and get special privileges to get the starlight skin.

This time there is a skin that has become a hype by mobile legends players. This skin is the Gusion ML Starlight skin. Unfortunately, you can’t buy this skin with diamonds or become a starlight member anymore. This is because skin gusion has passed a few months ago as a skin starlight member.

The players who want to get this skin, you can wait patiently. According to rumors, Skin Gusion Starlight can later use Fragments in Mobile Legends. This means that you can find this ML starlight skin gusion in the mobile legends fragment shop. For the date we estimate it will be in the middle to the end of this December.

Skin Gusion ML Starlight Use Fragment Mobile Legends!

You can see, the Hero gusion that you usually see on this starlight skin looks completely different from the default skin. Hero Gusion mobile legends appearance here looks more fashionable with a blue spiky haircut. Apart from that, he is also seen wearing green glasses which add to his cool look.

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You will also find that the color of the scarf that is usually used by gusion also changes to yellow with orange gradations that seem fashionable. Well, even though we think the color is not very suitable, it actually looks like a young person wearing whatever clothes they like.

The robe worn by Gusion himself looks very stiff and on his shoulders there is an iron hand that is glowing blue. In our opinion, the Skin Gusion Mobile Legends Starlight looks like a gusion turned into a cyborg with his iron hand. Then, the Skin Gusion Mobile Legends Starlight robe is also dark green with some iron attached to the robe.

In addition, in the changes to the Skin Gusion Mobile Legends Starlight, what is striking is the change in weapons. The weapon that gusion has turned completely into a laser sharp sword with a striking blue color.

Skin changes for Gusion Starlight 2019

Besides the appearance which is a bit quirky from the usual gusion. Mobile legends players can see this skin has a good visual skill effect. With this effect, you will see a blazing laser blade flying while doing war. Besides that, there is a cool effect that you can see when the gusion who uses this skin dashes because there will be starlight around it.

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In our opinion, you must have this gusion starlight skin for mobile legends gamers. Of course, you can also get Skin Gusion ML Starlight Using Mobile Legends Fragments in the next few days.

Hero Gusion itself is a hero assassin who is very troublesome when it comes to getting good items. With a combination of skills and good play from mobile legends players, this hero is unbeatable. Free fire players who want to learn how to play gusion can learn about it in our previous post

For those of you who want to get Skin Gusion ML Starligh t Use Mobile Legends Fragments, you can collect as many as 200 fragments. To be precise, it is a rare skin fragment item . Players who already have 200 fragments, it’s better if you don’t buy something first. This is because you can buy Skin Gusion ML Starlight Using Mobile Legends Fragments on 19 December.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s collect lots of rare skin fragment items for mobile legends so they can be exchanged for Skin Gusion ML Starlight Using this Mobile Legends Fragment!