Synergy of Hero Mobile Legends, You Must Understand

The synergy of the Mobile Legends heroes is quite important when you plan to form a good draft. You can help the draft pick that can determine the course of the game with synergy. Between heroes and other heroes, there are those who are more suitable to be played together. Therefore, you must understand about hero synergy.

In forming a team it will be better if you have synergy. Between the two or more heroes, you can mix their skills. You can roughly say that you can do a combo. With the right combo or synergy, the enemy can find it difficult to fight back.

Usually, several methods of forming a team are determining the core first. From there, other non-core heroes just have to follow to help this core. With the right synergy, your core hero can play more efficiently.

Here, let’s discuss the synergy of the Mobile Legends hero. Starting from the things you have to pay attention to and also a short explanation about synergy. You can try to mix some of your favorite hero synergies with the respective team members to see what synergy is the most suitable.

The synergy of Hero Mobile Legends

Synergy is a combination of the strengths of two or more heroes in Mobile Legends that can help increase the effectiveness of each hero. Of course, with a strong synergy you can take advantage of this advantage for you and your team too. Synergy doesn’t really matter in the low ranks because solo playing is thicker, but it’s different from high rank.

In high rank and also pro players, synergy will have a big effect on match results. Generally, these players aim for strengths that can help their game play better. You need to remember that usually synergies are sought or used to form strategies. With the right choice of heroes, it will be easier to win.

What You Should Pay Attention To In Synergy

What you have to prioritize in synergy are two, namely their roles and skills. It would be useless if there are two heroes who are very strong when combined, but both of them are heroes who have roles. Examples are Lesley and Granger, both of which are strong pokes and finishers, but both are marksman which can ruin your early game setup.

With roles and skills that match each other, you can form a synergy from there. For example, a support that protects the marksman or ADC core and has skills that match each other, then their laning phase and late game will be very difficult to stop.

Examples of Heroes Who Have Broad Synergy

Some heroes do have a fairly broad synergy. This means that these heroes can be said to fit into any type of team. Some of these heroes are Carmilla, Atlas, Chou, Terizla, and several others. What they have in common is that these heroes have high CC, damage and impact in their respective skills.

Carmilla has the ultimate lethal and synergy ulti, Atlas with strong AoE CC for combos, Chou with high damage is also a good finisher, and Terizla who has CC, damage, and strong combos.

It is important to have synergy between heroes. The reason is that with a strong synergy you will benefit from various angles. Starting from combos, laning phase, ganking, teamfight, and others. Therefore get a good synergy.

The synergy of the Mobile Legends hero is indeed quite important for you to pay attention to and understand. With the right synergy, you can dominate the game better and be very strong. Of course, we need to pay attention to several other important points.

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