The Best Solo Lane Hero AoV 2020, Must Use!

In AoV games, just like other moba games, there are many lanes and roles for each. One of the lanes and roles in AoV is solo hard lane or DS Lane. There are some of the Best Solo Lane Heroes AoV 2020 that you can use.

In DS lane the hero must be able to solo 1v1 against the enemy. DS lane is also required to frequently rotate to the mid to help gank or clear the lane to set the tempo. Many DS lane heroes are also very strong in teamfight and set the pace of the game.

In this guide we will provide some of the strongest DS heroes on AoV. Because they are required to be solo lane, the role of DS is often played by solo players who have difficulty playing the team.


The hero who is one of the most broken heroes in AoV is definitely the best on the DS lane. Florentino is a very broken hero since its release until now. Often exposed to nerf, it still makes it a favorite pick of many people.

Florentino is very strong 1v1 thanks to his passive combos and skills. Not only that, Florentino who is good and can use his combo without miss can fight 5 heroes at once if not CC. Make sure you use the Florentino AoV build item


Omen thanks to skill 2 and his ult is one of the most independent heroes. The very high damage thanks to his passivity makes Omen one of the best 1v1 heroes. The pure damage that comes out of his passivity makes him very feared by the soft hero.

Omen, who has the strongest single lockdown skill in the game, certainly won’t let the enemy run away from his snare.

Even though Arena of Valor’s Best Solo Lane Hero has painful damage, that doesn’t mean he’s not tanky. Omen is one of the strongest tankers thanks to his damage reduction from skill 2 and ulti.

Best Hero Solo Lane AoV 2020 KIL’GROTH

Kil’Groth is one of AoV’s unique Best Solo Lane Heroes. Hero DS, which generally has an impact on effectiveness in the early and mid games, is different from Kil’Groth. This hero will begin to feel its impact in the late game.

Kil’Groth is the Best Solo Lane Hero in Arena of Valor hypercarry which means he has to get to the late game when all items are obtained. This made him very strong and unstoppable. Able to fight multiple heroes at once thanks to the absurd ASPD +, DMG +, and lifesteal skills.

Best Hero Solo Lane AoV 2020 YENA

Yena is AoV’s most unique Hero Solo Lane and arguably the hardest hero to use. Yena has 2 stances with a total of 6 different skills. With these two stances, Yena can become an assassin with high ASPD or a warrior with high damage.

The Best Solo Lane Hero AoV Yena, who has a broken skill set because it has damage, CC, movement, AoE damage, and durability, making him a hero to be feared in lane and team fight.

Those are some of the strongest heroes for DS lane on AoV. This hero who has a high pickrate and winrate at a high rank is proof that this DS hero is very broken. If you want to win on the DS lane, try training with these heroes.


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