The way of the God of the SMG UMP Free Fire Weapon, More Painful than MP40 FF!

Free Fire is a shooting game with a battle royal genre. This game is quite famous in Indonesia and there are also many players who play it. There are many types of weapons in this game, you can use weapons that match the way you play. Of course, effective use can increase your winnings if done right. Here we will explain more about the use of weapons in Free Fire. One of the weapons that will be discussed is the way of the SMG UMP Free Fire Weapon God.

As you know, each weapon has different stats and characteristics. The stat types of weapons are also different, giving them different advantages and disadvantages. There are weapons that are suitable for ranged attacks and some are suitable for melee attacks. By using weapons properly, you can attack your enemies well too. One of the strongest weapons in melee attacks is the SMG.

SMG free fire or Sub-Machinegun is an assault weapon that has a high fire rate. This weapon can shoot quickly and the damage is large when every shot hits the enemy. Even though this weapon has a high fire rate, the damage it does is not too big and its accuracy is also low. This results in SMG weapons being weak in long range attacks. However, if you use it at close range, the weapon is very powerful.

Here we will provide tips about how the god of weapons SMG UMP Free Fire. With good use, you can attack enemies easily. Of course, the skills you have are also needed in using these tips. Hopefully, you can understand better how to use this UMP weapon.


As you know, some SMGs have high fire rates but small accuracy. Because of that, this weapon is quite strong in melee attacks. Not to mention, the UMP weapon can penetrate armor making it strong against enemies who even use armor.


UMP weapons are weapons that are lighter than other weapons. This allows you to move more freely. When shooting the enemy, try to walk and shoot the enemy quickly so you can attack the enemy easily.


One of the common mistakes. Before you attack the enemy, make sure your ammunition is fully charged. Because, if you attack the enemy but forget to reload, it will be very fatal and dangerous. Since you are attacking the enemy at close range, you are giving the enemy time to attack you.


UMP is an SMG weapon that is light and allows you to run faster, this allows you to approach the enemy quickly. Even so, make sure you are not known by the enemy. Because, by approaching the enemy carefully, you can attack the enemy first and make him panic.


One of the things that is very important in playing shooting games. Aim is very important in using SMG. Even if you use this weapon at close range, it will be very dangerous if your shots miss too many times. If you can’t kill your enemies quickly, you could be in danger.

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Those are tips on how to use the SMG UMP Free Fire Weapon. By knowing these tips, maybe you can use UMP weapons even better. Even though this weapon has little damage, its armor pierce and movement speed are high enough for you to use it to attack your enemy.

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