Tips for Hero Mobile Legends Miya Revamp 2020

Here we will discuss the tips for the Mobile Legends hero, miya revamp 2020 that you should know. Mobile Legends is one of the well-known Moba games, with many heroes that you can use. One of the most widely used Marksman is Miya. Miya is one of the MMs that is widely used, because she gets Revamp that can change it for the better.

There are many heroes that you can use in Mobile Legends. One of the heroes who has been in Mobile Legends for a long time is Miya. Miya has become an iconic hero in Mobile Legends, and has even become a model for Icon Mobile Legends. Even so, in the past Miya was rarely used, because she had less attractive skills to use. Miya only relies on her basic attack, and makes this one Hero bored to be used as an ADC, unlike other heroes who have unique skills such as Granger, Kimmy, or Carry.

Actually Miya is one of the ADCs with the Glass Cannon type too. Has high damage, but he has very low defense. This made him a target for the Assassins. The only skill escape he could rely on was his Ultimate which could make him disappear. However, it will be difficult if the enemy can attack you using skills that are fired manually. But, now Miya has been revamped better and her skills have been replaced even more strongly.

Tips for mobile legends hero miya this time, you can use them when miya is revamped. The tips are below:

  1. Maintain a distance
  2. Use the ultimate at the right time
  3. Farm well
  4. map awareness

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. With miya revamp, you can attack enemies more easily.

Here we will provide tips on Mobile Legends Miya Revamp 2020 Hero Tips. Because Miya will get a Revamp and her skills are changed, the way to play is actually not far away but there are changes too. Now, Miya can keep herself even better, and give enormous damage to the enemy.

Tips for Hero Mobile Legends – Miya (Revamp)

Miya gets a skill change that adds to the stack effect. Now that he has a full stack, Miya will summon a shadow who will shoot if he shoots. In addition, there is also a change in skill 2, which has changed from DPS now to Single damage. However, it is given the Root Effect to the enemy affected by Skill 2, so there is no more stun. The following are tips that you can use in using this revamped Miya.

The following are ways and tips for playing miya revamp mobile legends presented in 2020:


As an ADC with low defense, it’s a good idea to keep your distance and shoot from behind. That way, you can deal damage safely, without fear of being killed later. If it’s an urgent situation, don’t hesitate to run and prepare items for the next war.


Ultimate Miya makes him invisible and gets ATK / Movement speed up. You can use the Ultimate to run away from Mushu, or use it to enter the Team Fight.


Farm on the lane that you occupy well, and don’t forget to clean the creep to get Exp and Gold too. As a Carry, you really need both of these things, to become stronger later.


More often looking at the map also helps you to avoid ganks. You pay attention to who the enemies are, then predict their whereabouts. If you really feel that the enemy is missing somewhere, it’s better for you to play it safe and try to farm quietly.

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Those are the Tips for Hero Mobile Legends Miya Revamp 2020 that you can try when playing using Miya. With this new skill, Miya is a stronger hero. In addition, his new Rootn skill helps him to limit the enemy’s movements while he deals strong enough damage for you to use. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!


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