Tips for Playing Badang Offlaner Mobile Legends (ML)

OBadang became a fighter hero who was previously banned from Mobile Legends because there was a bug that was quite fatal from his ultimate skill. This is already above and you can use this hero again in Mobile Legends. As for some tips for playing Badang Mobile Legends that you should know so that your performance is even better.

Badang is usually played as an offlaner in a gameplay. Badang is also strong enough to hold the lane and is indeed suitable as an offlaner. He has a skill with a long attack range and also has a skill with a large burst damage effect when hit by an enemy. Badang can still be played well in the current Mobile Legends meta.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss tips on playing Badang Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what are the effective tips for playing Badang in a Mobile Legends gameplay, let’s just take a look at the full explanation below!

Tips for Playing Badang Offlaner Mobile Legends (ML)

Esportsku has made a list that contains some of the best tips for playing Badang in Mobile Legends. By applying the tips we provide, it is guaranteed to make your Badang even more maximal in performance in a gameplay. You can see the List Tips below!

  • Laning Focus in Early Game
  • Making Good Use of Ambush
  • Using the right build item
  • Play Objective
  • Join the Fight Team

So, those are some tips that you can apply when playing Badang in a gameplay. You can see a detailed explanation of each of the tips above below!

Laning Focus in Early Game

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As we know that Badang is one of the heroes who needs build items to make him stronger. Therefore, in the early game, make sure you play properly so that you can develop well in the future.

Just focus on guarding the lane while cleaning the minions from the lane, keeping the lane from being pushed by the opponent, and giving poke damage using his one skill. Maximize the use of his one skill to guard the lane, because it can make you more profitable than your opponent.

Making good use of Ambush

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When playing as an offlaner, make sure you make good use of ambush. After finishing cleaning the lane, you go straight to the ambush on the left of the lane. You need to do this to zoning enemy offlaners and it is also useful to check whether there are enemies who will be ganking you or not. That way your security can be well maintained.

Using the right build item

Badang itself is a typical fighter hero who relies on attack speed and lifesteal in gameplay. The use of build items that can give you additional attack speed and lifesteal will make the badang even stronger. The ultimate skill itself can also be maximal in inflicting damage to the opponent. That way you will find it easier to defeat every enemy you encounter in a gameplay.

Play Objective

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You really need to apply objective play when playing Badang. By playing objectively, there will be lots of advantages that you can get. In terms of Networth, it will be superior, in terms of mapping it is also superior, and also you can give pressure to your opponent more easily. Make sure to play objectively in gameplay.

Join the Fight Team

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When using Badang, of course, you must be able to maximize the use of the skills this hero has. When there is a team fight, make sure you have to join forces to help. Use skill two to dash towards your opponent. after that use skill one to give a stun effect and also use your ultimate skill to give burst damage to your opponent.

So, those are the tips for playing Badang Offlaner in Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. Use some of the tips above and maximize the potential of Hero Badang in Mobile Legends!