Why is M416 the Most Popular Weapon in PUBG Mobile? Find the answer here!

There are so many weapons in PUBG Mobile, you can also get special weapons from each of these PUBG Mobile maps. However, many players are just shooting weapons. Namely the M416 weapon which has been the favorite of many PUBG mobile players. So, why is M416 the most popular weapon in PUBG Mobile?

You PUBG Mobile players must know that M416 is a favorite weapon for many players, right? For those of you who don’t make this weapon your favorite weapon, are you curious about what makes this weapon so popular?

Come on, see the explanation below!

The reason why M416 is a favorite of PUBG Mobile

Bullet Type


This weapon uses 5.56mm bullets, which means the damage dealt is not a small number. Even though it doesn’t have as much damage as AR with 7.62mm bullets, the 5.56mm bullets are able to kill enemies quickly!

The types of bullets that are not too big are also very good friends with the capacity you carry. There is no need to worry because the capacity quickly runs out due to carrying bullets like what happened when you pocketed 7.62mm bullets

This bullet also still provides high damage even though it shoots at distant targets. The simplicity and practicality of this bullet actually gives more points to the weapon that uses it.

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Damage and Recoil


These two points can be the advantages of this M416. Because the M416 stats can be the reason why this AR weapon is popular. The performance is quite friendly in the hands of a player, even in the hands of a novice player.

Because this weapon uses 5.56mm bullets, it is clear that this weapon has damage of around 40 points, or more precisely 42. The recoil given by this weapon is very easy to control, because it does not strike wildly.

Anyone who uses it, including new players, must be able to withstand the recoil of this weapon, your aim will definitely be straighter when using this weapon. In fact, the M416 is an AR weapon with the easiest recoil to control when compared to other AR weapons.

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The attachments provided by this weapon are quite complete starting from the scope, muzzle that can be filled with a suppressor, flash hider, or compensator. There is also a foregrip that can be filled with all types of foregrip without exception, there are also slots for muzzle, magazine, and stock in the form of tactical stock.

Each of these attachments certainly makes this weapon easier to control, more efficient, and of course even more deadly. Whatever scope is attached to the M416 it will be easy to hold the shock when aiming.

When the muzzle is installed with a compensator, foregrip with vertical foregrip, magazine with extended quickdraw, and tactical stock, it is guaranteed that you will not experience complaints, playing in intensive warfare will be more confident!

Especially if you use a 3x scope, 6x scope with hope, or shoot using a 6x scope that has been adjusted to 3x, wow it is certain that you will love this weapon more because of its stability.

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If your weapon is an M416, then there’s no need to worry because this weapon is available in all PUBG Mobile maps, so it’s certain that you can play safely. PUBG Mobile realizes that this weapon does have a lot of fans so that all maps are certain to provide M416.

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Based on our explanation above, what are the reasons for you to like the M416 weapon? Thank you for listening!