Winterlands vs Enhanced Armor FF, M1014 Free Fire’s Teradis Skin?

Weapons are an important item that must be prepared in the Free Fire game. Each weapon has its own performance so that each weapon is suitable for use in certain roles. For those of you who like to play as a rusher with close range deadly attacks, of course the M1014 is not a foreign weapon to your ears. This time, esportsku will compare the two saddest skins from M1014, between the Winterlands skin and the Enhanced Armor free fire skin.

Games with this strategy must be supported with the best weapons in order to produce quality play. Weapon selection must be based on the performance of the weapon. Don’t use the wrong weapon when playing certain roles. This will make your game poor and a burden on the team.

Playing as a rusher is of course using a melee weapon with deadly damage. The shotgun is the main choice for close range play. Because the shotgun in Free Fire has a large attack damage and a high level of accuracy that makes it easier for players to get kills. One of the popular shotguns with the many weapon skins available for them is the M1014.

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  • DAMAGE 94
  • RANGE 10

M1014 is a Shotgun (SG) type weapon. For weapons that can only be used for close range, M1014 has a good level of accuracy. The drawback of this weapon is the low rate of fire of the weapon. From the brief description of the M1014 starting stat point, we should already know what this weapon needs.

Gun Skin Winterlands M1014

The first skin is a skin that comes with a Christmas feel to the game Free Fire. Christmas which is synonymous with snow is present in this weapon skin. It looks attractive and simple. The combination of blue, red and a little added white adds to the snowy atmosphere of the weapon.

For its performance, this skin increases the accuracy of the weapon by two points. In addition, weapon damage was increased. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces weapon magazines.

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Gun Skin Boc Enhanced Armor M1014

The next skin has a fairly elegant appearance with its robotic-mechanical pattern. This skin is here to strengthen M1014 as a sophisticated weapon. The silver-black metallic color with the addition of a little yellow makes the M1014 look very elegant.

For its performance, this skin increases the reloading speed of the weapon by two points. In addition, weapon damage was increased. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the range of weapons.

Comparison between Skin Winterlands and Skin Enhanced Armor

If the appearance of both of them can be said to be both cool and attractive. By raising different themes, the two of them managed to present an interesting atmosphere. For display matters, I leave it to the reader because they are both cool and you can choose it according to your taste.

For performance, both provide different stat point increases. But unfortunately neither of these two skins increases the rate of fire of the weapon even though the M1014 has a slow rate of fire.

M1014 is known as a brutal weapon with close range attacks. Therefore an increase in damage is required and these two skins both increase the damage. On another point, the Enhanced Armor skin increases the reload speed while the Winterlands skin increases the accuracy. Which is more necessary for the M14?

As a melee weapon, accuracy is needed, but as mentioned above, this weapon has a high level of accuracy, so this point really doesn’t need to be increased anymore. On the other hand, an increase in reloading speed is deemed necessary in order to guarantee a fast game especially when it runs out of bullets.

In terms of performance, the Enhcanced Armor skin reduces the range, while the Winterlands skin reduces the magazine. Of course the magazine is very necessary because the initial number of M1014 magazines is only 6 and it is very risky if it is reduced. On the other hand, the decrease in the range of weapons is tolerable because the M1014 is indeed a good weapon for close range.

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That’s the comparison of these two M1014 skins. In appearance, both are attractive, but in terms of performance, the Enhanced Armor skin is superior. Even so, for those of you who like the M1014, these two skins are still worthy of collection. Thank you and booyah!