Winterlands vs Samurai, the Deadly SPAS12 Free Fire Skin?

Weapons are an important item that must be prepared in Free Fire matches. Each weapon is good for use in a specific role. For those of you who like to play as Rusher, I will provide information about the weapons used by Rusher. esportsku will compare the SPAS12 weapon skin between the Winterlands skin and the Samurai free fire skin, both of which are equally deadly.

Games with this strategy require good weapon support. Mistakes in choosing weapons will certainly have an impact on bad play. Conversely, if you choose a good weapon, it will make the game even more classy.

Weapon performance can also be improved. One of the best ways is to use weapon skins. Not only beautifying the appearance of weapons, weapon skins can also strengthen weapon performance. Here are the two best skins for SPAS12.


  • DAMAGE 97
  • RANGE 15

SPAS12 is a shotgun (SG) type weapon that has high damage. One shot can be sure to get a kill. This weapon is classified as a weapon with a medium rate of fire. SPAS12 as a melee weapon has a high degree of accuracy.

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Gun Skin SPAS12 Winterlands

This skin is present at the same time as the Christmas celebration. The atmosphere at the end of the year filled with snow and pine trees is also reflected in the appearance of this skin.

Winterlands skin is available for 4 weapons, namely Groaz, SPAS12, M14, and MP40. The appearance for the four weapons is similar. In Groza, it looks more complicated. SPAS12 is pretty simple because the combination of blue, red, and white is not too flashy.

This skin provides the same performance for all four weapons. The first of these skins will increase the rate of fire of the weapon by two points. Of course this will make the weapons attack faster. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the accuracy of the weapon.

Gun Skin SPAS12 Samurai

The name of the samurai is familiar to our ears. Especially for you wibu. This skin comes with a samurai atmosphere to the game Free Fire. I admit that this skin looks cool.

This Samurai skin is available for 4 weapons, namely AK47, SKS, SPAS12, and MP5. From the appearance of the coolest MP5 weapon because the pattern is not too excessive. With a combination of red, black, and white, it manages to bring a Samurai signature to the game. The SPAS12 tends to be messy on the body of the weapon but still cool.

For the performance of this skin, it provides the same stat point increase for all four weapons. The first of these skins increases the weapon magazine by two points. With this you can carry out repeated attacks without having to be afraid of running out of bullets. The drawback of this skin is that it reduces the rate of fire.

Comparison between Winterlands Skin and Samurai Skin

In appearance, these two skins have a much different but still epic theme. A calmer atmosphere typical of Christmas can be found on the Winterlands skin. On the other hand, a more tense atmosphere can be found in the Samurai skin. So for the appearance of these two skins are equally good.

For the performance from the description above, we know that SPAS12 has a medium rate of fire. Now the Samurai skin is actually reduced. On the other hand, the Winterlands skin rate of fire is actually increased. Even though the accuracy level is lowered by the Winterlands skin, it doesn’t really matter because SPAS12 has a high level of accuracy. So from this brief comparison, the Winterlands skin is superior.

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That’s the comparison of the two SPAS12 weapon skins. Actually both of them are interesting, it’s just that we have to look up to the performance comparison. Thank you and booyah!