Thorn Tropper and PurPink Outfit Sets Available on PUBG Mobile

Apart from providing a complex and serious game, PUBG Mobile also provides cosmetic skin items that are useful for beautifying the appearance in the game. This skin item is always updated so that players have many choices. This time the Thorn Tropper and PurPink outfit sets are available in the PUBG Mobile game and here is complete information about the two newest sets of outfits.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players spread all over the world. The size of the player community indicates that PUBG Mobile players come from different backgrounds. In addition to the battle royale game that connects them, PUBG Mobile also provides various skin items so that it can facilitate this plural player community.

Cosmetic skin items are presented in various types, looks, themes, and so on. These skin items are continuously updated regularly, either because of an event or not. The variety of skin items provided makes players have many choices regarding which skin item suits their taste.

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Thorn Tropper and PurPink Outfit Set

In the last Halloween season, PUBG Mobile provided various skin items. Whether it’s a set outfit or a skin item for weapons, vehicles, and more. After passing that, PUBG Mobile still presents various skin items. One of the newest ones is the Thorn Trooper and PurPink outfit sets. These two sets of outfits are very suitable to be partners in one team.

For the Thorn Tropper outfit set, there is a special offer because previously PUBG Mobile gave rewards to players who updated patch 1.1 before November 15th. One of them is the Thorn Tropper backpack which is given up to level 3.

For those of you who have received the reward above for updating patch 1.1 before November 15th, then now is the time for you to complete your character appearance with the Thorn Tropper outfit set. In addition, the M416 Thorn Tropper weapon skin is also available to complete the Thorn Tropper outfit set appearance.

Along with the presence of the Thorn Tropper outfit set, PUBG Mobile also presents the PurPink outfit set which is a teammate’s suit with the Thorn Tropper outfit set.

The appearance of both is identical to black. For those of you who like this elegant color, of course, these two outfit sets are worth getting or collecting. The two of them were shown to be a barbaric group. With their similar appearance, you can use them with teammates. Especially if you play in duo mode, of course your appearance and your colleagues will be cool.

Both can be obtained through the latest Premium Crate offers. Enough with 120 UC for one draw and 1080 UC for 10x draw. In this Premium Crate offer, you also have the opportunity to get the M416 Thorn Tropper weapon skin, which is a complement to the Thorn Trooper outfit set.

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That’s the info about the Thorn Trooper and PurPink outfit sets that are available on PUBG Mobile at this time. Login now and join in the excitement of PUBG Mobile’s 1.1 patch note update which brings various updates including the arrival of the latest Metro Royale game mode. Thank you!