10 Counter Heroes Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Bruno is one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who can give quite painful damage from his basic attack. Bruno himself has the skills to make his basic attacks stronger in gameplay. When you take advantage of this properly Bruno will become even stronger. Even so, there is still a hero counter to Bruno in Mobile Legends who can beat him easily.

You can use Bruno in the current meta season with a note that the hero you fight can still be defeated easily by Bruno. If you can’t then you shouldn’t force it rather than in the end you only get defeat. You have to master each skill well so that when used in a gameplay it can give maximum damage to your opponent.

At this occasion, Esports, I will discuss the hero counter of Bruno in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what heroes can fight and defeat Bruno easily in gameplay, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

List of Heroes to Counter Bruno in Mobile Legends

Esportsku has made a list that includes heroes to easily count Bruno in gameplay. When Bruno fought this hero in one gameplay it would be difficult for him.

  • Hayabusa
  • Helcurt
  • Khufra
  • Lancelot
  • Chou
  • Kaja
  • Natalia
  • Ling
  • Franco
  • Jawhead

So, those are some of the heroes in Mobile Legends that are suitable for counting Bruno well in gameplay. For an explanation of each hero counter in the above list, you can see the discussion below!


5 Hero Counter Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Hayabusa is a hero counter that can be used against Bruno easily. Hayabusa has the skills to be able to approach Bruno easily. Besides that, the damage generated from the attack skill was very large. Hayabusa can launch a combo skill to attack Bruno. With the burst damage that hurts Bruno, he can easily beat him. You can use the assassin hero to easily count Bruno.


5 Hero Counter Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Apart from Hayabusa, Helcurt is also a hero assassin that can be used to counter Bruno. Helcurt can take advantage of his ultimate skill and his one skill to get close to Bruno easily. Besides that, Helcurt can also have a silence effect which will make Bruno unable to use his attack skills at all. That’s when you can use a basic attack plus two Helcurt skills to give Bruno burst damage.


Khufra is a tank hero who can perform blink attack skills and can be used to approach Bruno easily. With Khufra’s combo skill, Bruno’s movement can be blocked thanks to the crowd control effect of his skill. Bruno will have a hard time facing Khufra in a gameplay. You can use this one tank hero to counter Bruno in gameplay,


Lancelot is also one of the assassin heroes who has great agility and damage. Lancelot can use his one skill to the minion as a stepping stone to approach Bruno easily. After that he can use his ultimate skill to give burst damage to Bruno. The two Lancelot skills themselves can also be used to properly immune Bruno’s attack skills.


5 Hero Counter Bruno Mobile Legends (ML)

Chou has crowd control skills which can also make Bruno difficult when facing him. Chou can easily avoid Bruno’s attack skills using his two skills. Chou’s skill combo can be used to give Bruno burst damage to kill him quickly.


How to Counter Ultimate Kaja Mobile Legends!

Next, you can use Kaja as the best Bruno Mobile Legends hero counter that you can use. Kaja is a fighter support hero who specializes in ganking and kidnapping, you will be quite difficult to escape from this one hero attack.

Therefore, those of you who are Bruno users must be careful if Kaja becomes your opponent, because Kaja will focus on ambushing you secretly and will continue to disturb Bruno until the game is over.


Hero Silence ML is deadly

Natalia is one of the best Bruno Mobile Legends hero counters that you can use right now, the ability of the hero Natalia is very deadly, especially with her ability to disappear and attack silently.

Natalia is well known for her deadly kidnapping ability, especially to beat up several marksman or Maga heroes, this hero is quite strong and can be one of the best Bruno Mobile Legends hero counters today.


You can use Ling as the hero counter of Bruno in Mobile Legends, the initiator Ling is very strong and is able to deliver a deadly attack on Bruno very quickly. As you know, Bruno is a quite agile marksman hero.

By using Ling you can beat Bruno even if you are in the back line. Use fast attacks such as climbing into walls, attacking with second skills, a combination of ultimate skills and skill 2 so that Bruno won’t move.


Next, you can use Franco as the best Bruno hero counter in Mobile Legends that you can use, Franoc is a very active hero in countering opponents, his Hook and disable abilities are the best.

You can use Franco to provide hook attacks on your opponent, then you can use ulitimate to stop his opponent and give a ganking attack after, any hero will not move against Franco.


jawhead mobile legends

Finally, you can use Jawhead as a hero counter for Bruno in Mobile Legends. This is thanks to the ability to wash and initiate which is very deadly. By using the ultimate attack and with a combination of Ejectors.

You can target Bruno’s hero and then throw him while giving a big brust damage. Even though Bruno escaped using his second skill, Jawhead was able to catch up with him easily.

So that’s an explanation of the hero counter Bruno in Mobile Legends that I have discussed in Esports. Then you guys also avoid the current bruno mobile legends mistakes. Please use one of the heroes we mentioned above to easily defeat Bruno in gameplay!