Explanation of M2 Mobile Legends Format

M2, which will be held soon in January 2021, may still make a lot of people confused about the format. The info that many people still know is that this is a group stage which will enter the next round. But there is an explanation for the M2 Mobile Legends format which can certainly be useful for competition fans.

Now, it seems that official information about Mobile Legends has appeared regarding the format used in M2. It’s actually quite simple, it’s just that the explanation of them is quite complicated because they are complicated. So here we will summarize so that you are no longer confused about how the format is used.

Initially, it used a group format which later will be continued to a different format. Mobile Legends says this is a playoff format, but the playoff itself is not a format, but the name of the session that will be entered. This playoff will be filled by the teams who pass the groupstage.

Here, let’s discuss the M2 Mobile Legends format that M2 will officially use later. We will make it as easy to understand as possible for you. This is also to make it easier for new viewers who may be interested in watching M2 later.

M2 Mobile Legends format

M2 this time will start on January 18th and end on January 24th. Initially for 2 days from January 18-20 will use the group stage format with the usual format. Each team in a group will compete and get a chance against each other.

Each team will try to win the group to enter the winner bracket, which we will discuss the benefits. In addition, to avoid phase 2, which is very risky to be eliminated from M2.

If a team fails to reach the group winner, they still have the opportunity to enter the lower bracket in phase 2. In phase 2 the 2nd and 3rd group winners will compete where the losers will disappear from M2 and be knocked out. The winner enters the lower bracket.

After phase 2 is complete, it will proceed to the playoffs using double elimination with the predetermined seeds depending on the match in phase 1 and phase 2. The advantage of entering the winner bracket is that they still have a second chance if they lose there and go down to the loser bracket.

Later the teams will continue to compete and try to get the winner bracket. Apart from having a second chance in the lower bracket if they lose, the winner bracket has the advantage of playing fewer matches and more rest time if they can continue to win in the winner bracket without dropping.

The finals will bring together the winners from match 7 and match 9, or the winner bracket and loser bracket. So try to achieve a winstreak in the winner bracket by getting a stamina advantage and also having fewer matches.

That’s the M2 Mobile Legends format that you can understand. In short group stage -> double elimination. The finals bring together the winner of the winner bracket and loser bracket on 24 January.

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