4 Combo Marksman x Fighter ML Painful Mobile Legends 2020

The Mobile Legends game brings endless fun. Not surprisingly, this mobile legends game is very popular with Indonesian mobile game lovers with its fairly fast and intuitive gameplay characteristics. Now for those of you who are curious about combos on mobile legends, here is the best combined combo between Marksman x Fighter Mobile Legends.

Role mobile legends Fighter has melee attacks, meanwhile marksman is identical to long range attacks. So because of that, you can play it in combination to make it more optimal. Both of these heroes have high damage, both at the beginning of the game and late in the game. Therefore, check out the best combo right now.

On this occasion, we will list the best marksman x fighter combo in the Mobile Legends game. These two heroes can be combined well and of course can overwhelm your opponent to face it, so you can easily win matches in Mobile Legends.

Best Combo Marksman x Fighter Mobile Legends

So here are some of the best combos for you marksman and fighter users that you must try, guaranteed that the enemy will automatically die.

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Layla x Zilong

Zilong acts as cover and initiator, and Layla acts as executor. These two heroes are old heroes, but in the past they were often combined. Layla’s task is to follow Zilong to ambush the enemy, when he is ambushed, carry out the executioner by attacking him, until he dies.

But if the enemy runs away, just use ultimate Zilong to chase or ultimate Layla that is super far away to end it. Even though they are old heroes, these two heroes are perfect for combos!

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Minsitthar x Claude: Combo Marksman Mobile Legends

Minsitthar had quite a large area of ​​attack, and so did Claude. This one hero has identical attacks, you can try to combine them.

Do an attack by Minsitthar with his ultimate in the direction of the gathered enemy, simultaneously the enemy cannot escape because of the Minsitthar attack which can disable their attack in his ultimate area.

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Next, do an attack by Claude’s ultimate who rotates shooting in all directions, d Claude is a marksman with high damage burts, this one hero can slaughter enemies easily if they gather.

X.Borg x Claude

X.Borg is a fighter who always enters the Mobile Legends meta. This one hero has sick attacks and strong endurance. X.Borg attacks with aim and Claudepun is the same.

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When the war takes place you can attack the enemy with attacks in various directions simultaneously, of course this attack is very effective and gives very high damage. Even if only X.Borg attacks, the enemy will be overwhelmed.

With his best ability, Claude makes damage with a circular area and is able to make the enemies that collect him get burst damage, his ability is perfect for team fight in Mobile Legends.

Kaja x Kimmy: Combo Marksman Mobile Legends

Kaja is a fighter support hero who usually helps heroes like marksman or mage in roaming. As a kaja user, you can attract one enemy hero and give it to Kimmya.

While Kimmy is the executor with high damage, of course every enemy drawn by the kaja can easily be killed by the two heroes. Then, if the enemy runs away, you can attack with the ultimate which can attack very far.

So, those are the 4 Most Painful Combo Marksman x Fighter ML in Mobile Legends 2020 that you can use in season 17 of Mobile Legends. The two heroes have the advantage of their attacks which have high damage, and when combined, they will produce a frightening combination attack.

By using the marksman and fighter hero combos, it is able to make all enemy heroes in the Mobile Legends game easy to beat so that you can win the match easily. Have a nice play.