Silvanna, the most chaotic ML Mage Fighter in Mobile Legends

Silvanna is the best Fighter hero that allows you to use two items at once, namely Physical and Mage, this one Hero is a fairly new hero and has a myriad of the most chaotic abilities in Mobile Legends.

As a hero role for mobile legends Fighter, Silvanna is a female mobile legends fighter by relying on a spear as her weapon. This one hero has excellent skills and is very skilled at ganking.

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The Most Chaotic Hero Fighter Silvanna Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, Silvanna is one of the most violent fighter heroes, you know, this is because of his skill abilities that were created specifically for playing barbarians.

Silvanna has skill one that can provide damage and stun by stopping the spear he has. Silvanna will have additional movement speed which functions to chase enemies.

This skill is very useful when ganking enemy heroes who are roaming around. When Silvanna has successfully stunned the enemy, the hero of one team can immediately beat the enemy and defeat him.

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Not only that, for her second skill, Silvanna will attack her opponent with greater damage. Silvanna spun the spear like a drill and dealt enough damage to overwhelm the enemy.

This skill will be active with damage that propagates if the enemy is parallel and gives even greater damage. Of course, with the combos used with his ultimate skills, Silvanna is quite feared by some of the opposing heroes.

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As for her Ultimate Skill, Silvanna can jump into the opponent’s area and give a circle like a seal. The circle will lock the enemy and make the enemy trapped in it.

Special Combo Attacks For Kidnapping!

Silvanna can combine skill 2 by giving repeated damage to the enemy. If the enemy is out and the seal effect stops, Silvanna can chase him with two skills at the same time giving a stun. Therefore, Silvanna is one of the most violent heroes in Mobile Legends.

You can already Silvanna in Mobile Legends. This one hero is a free hero given by Moonton at an event a few months ago.

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With these skills, SIlvanna is a hero who is very adept at initiating, in other words, this one hero is quite good at kidnapping enemies.

Silvanna can guide other heroes to start attacks. This one fighter hero is pretty much played in this Season 16. And has skills with the same characteristics as the hero Guinevere.

Now that’s all about Silvanna’s hero, wait for a few tips until the best emblem for the next Silvanna hero.