5 Tips for Mage Ahri Wild Rift, the Aggressive Single Target Mage

When you play Wild Rift, you get a free champion starter that you can play with. One of them is Garen and Ahri. Garen is a champion fighter / tank while Ahri is a mage. Ahri himself is a mage who has single target skills and how to play is quite aggressive. There are things that make this champion difficult to use. Here we will discuss about the champions in Wild Rift.

In playing Wild Rift, the mage hero usually takes the mid lane as a source of magical damage to attack the enemy. The way to play is quite difficult because you don’t only have to focus on one lane. You have to be able to rotate well and keep your mana from running out. Mage who usually uses skills often, often runs out of mana because he keeps using mana. This makes the mage hero need a blue buff. Usually when it’s mid game, the blue buff will be given to the mage.

One of the most frequently used mages that you can get the first time you play is Ahri. This champion is actually quite difficult to use. Aggressive way of playing, very strong in duels against enemies. The movement skill is added with cc, making it difficult for the enemy to move.

Here we will provide 5 Mage Ahri Wild Rift Tips, which you can try when playing with Ahri. The fast movement skill coupled with cc makes him very ferocious in pursuing his ultimate thanks. However, many use this champion arbitrarily, which makes him a Feeder.

The following are the tips for Mage Ahri Wild Rift that I described during the experience of playing WILD RIFT CLOSED BETA:


5 Tips for Mage Ahri Wild Rift

In using Ahri, it’s a good idea to improve your skillshot. This makes Ahro difficult to use. If all your skill attacks miss it will be difficult to attack the enemy. Moreover, most of Ahri’s skills had to be manually directed. You could use auto aim which has the Wild Rift feature, but sometimes it doesn’t get shot properly.


5 Tips for Mage Ahri Wild Rift

You can use Ahri’s ultimate in attacking the enemy. You can just approach the enemy and do damage with this skill. However, if you use it carelessly and instead go towards a lot of enemies, you will be in danger. This skill has a delay after you use it, making you have to wait for a few seconds before you can use it again. So, think about where you have to attack, so it doesn’t end up Feeder.


Some of Ahri’s skills cannot penetrate enemies or creeps. It would be a shame if you didn’t hit the enemy after using the skill. Find a good position in attacking, so that the hook can launch a damage burst towards the enemy.


To attract enemies, you can use the skill charm that Ahri has. Drag the enemy or immediately fire a burst damage with the skills you have, while the enemy is exposed to the charm effect. However, you have to remember that this skill cannot penetrate creeps, so you have to shoot it precisely.


Zhonya’s Hourglass is an item that allows you to dodge all enemy attacks for a few seconds, but you cannot move or use skills. This one item is perfect for Ahri to run away. If you see an enemy attack that is fatal or can kill you immediately, try using the skill of this item to avoid the attack.

Those are the 5 Tips for Mage Ahri Wild Rift, which you can try. This champion can kidnap enemies quickly with his charm and burst damage skills. With the use of skill and good build items, this champion is very strong. Also Follow Our Social Media on My Esports Instgram!