5 Gold Lane Position Mistakes in Mobile Legends (ML)

In the latest patch note, Mobile Legends Moonton provides changes to the two lanes contained in the Mobile Legends game. There is Gold Lane and also EXP Lane, each of these lanes has two significant differences that are just as the name implies. Now for those of you who are offlaners and often play on Gold Lane. On this occasion, Esportsku will provide an explanation of some of the mistakes that are often made by the hero position at Gold Lane.

For players who are located at Gold Lane, it is usually referred to as an offlaner. But what is different lies the task of the offlaner on the gold lane itself, which is different from the exp lane. Gold lane is usually a hero who serves as a shadow core or second core in a match. Now this lane is usually filled by hero fighter or hero marksman.

Greedy When Farming

Playing as an offlaner at Gold Lane, you are intended as a second core, both a marksman, a fighter and even an assassin. Your job is to guard the turret while farming. But with certain limitations.

You can farm but with the will of the main core. For example, if the main core acts as Hyper carry, then both buffs are given to the core. However, if the team allows you to take the buff, then that’s fine. As an offlaner on the gold lane, you should do farming in the enemy area and just steal the buff.

Forgetting the Role of Offlaner

The next mistake is forgetting about the role it plays. The offlaner itself has the main role of guarding the turret and doing the push. Don’t let you forget your role and even wander on another unclear lane.

Often Doing Rotations and Forgetting Your Own Lane

This is still often encountered by Mobile Legends players, where many of the gold lane users rotate more, join ganking and forget about their own lane. It is better if you complete your task to push the lane first before rotating.

Doing Feeder

If one of you often feeds, the game will be one-sided. Moreover, an offlaner is the heart of defense when playing and is the target of ganking the opponent’s hero. Therefore, try not to become a Feeder in Mobile Legends.

Never Do Split Push

Next is never to do split push and tend to follow every war. Split Push itself is a condition where the two teams are doing a fierce teamfight. But you do push the turret into the opponent’s lane. This method is very useful for returning the situation or comeback.

Those are just some of the mistakes that are often made by Gold Lane’s filler role in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers can avoid some of the mistakes above. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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