4 reasons why Mage Burst in Mobile Legends is widely used

Mage on mobile legends has many types. some have strong poke skills, some have reap damage, and some have high burst damage. With these different types, how to play heroes is also different. If you play well, you can attack your enemies more easily too. Here we will discuss heroes on mobile legends.

Mage exists as a source of team damage, which has magical type damage. If the enemy has high defense, you can use magical damage to penetrate it. Many mage heroes that you can use on mobile legends, have different attacks for you to use. Each type of mage in mobile legends has its advantages and disadvantages. That way, you can make the hero very strong.

It turns out that the mage that has a high burst is quite popular on mobile legends. Many of the top tier heroes are high burst mages like Pharsa and Kagura. Maybe you are confused about why Kagura is one of the Mage Burst. Because, the combo damage it has has high damage, and can provide high damage in an instant.

There are many reasons that make the Mage Burst hero very popular. The reasons for the mage burst can be seen below:

  1. Easy to use
  2. High damage
  3. Can beat heroes quickly
  4. Monotonous build items

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. It turns out that the mage burst hero also has great potential so that many ML players use this type of burst hero mage.

Here ESPORTSKU will discuss 4 reasons why Mage Burst in Mobile Legends is widely used, which you should know. Lots of mage burst heroes are at the top tier, because they have strong skills.


Many mage bursts on mobile legends are very easy to use. The use of skills is very straightforward and easy to understand. For example, you use eudora or other burst heroes. By using the same skill sequence, you have dealt high damage to the enemy.


Even though it’s easy to use, the damage this mage burst has is very high. Mage like this can attack enemies quickly. only by using a few skills, Mage Burst can provide very high damage. So, a mage like this cannot be underestimated.


Hero mage burst can defeat enemies very quickly. This hero combo skill is very easy to understand, and has a high enough scaling. If you use the full combo to attack the enemy, you can immediately defeat him quickly.


The item build hero burst mage is also monotonous. However, because they only use the same item, the damage they have is the same. There may be some changes to each other’s heroes. However, it is effective against the enemy. It would be better if you use a more flexible build item. However, using the same build item is just as effective.

That’s the info about the 4 reasons Mage Burst in Mobile Legends is widely used. This Mage Burst is actually very strong, but has many weaknesses too. For example, it’s easy to get a gang, or sometimes the damage is too fixed. So, use this hero mage well, so that you can defeat the enemy easily. Also, follow our Social Media on my Instagram Esports!

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