4 Simple Tips to Make PUBG Mobile Gameplay Even Cooler!

Actually, to play PUBG Mobile in classic mode, the most important thing is a good strategy. While the strategy itself is not how you break through and kill enemies, but maintaining your own safety during the game is also something that requires strategy. There are simple tips to make PUBG Mobile gameplay even cooler, which you should know.

When playing in Classic mode, all you have to do is continue to speculate on your own safety.

For example, when you are in a location that is very far from the zone and you have to cross a bridge to enter the zone, then you should be able to automatically speculate what will happen if you don’t enter the zone immediately.

Are you going to die? How to avoid it? What kind of weapon should you use if you are pressed to fight outside the zone? These are the things you have to do

However, if you don’t have the ability to think like that, there are a number of things that you can immediately apply when playing classic mode on PUBG Mobile. It’s not difficult, and it’s very easy to remember. Curious? Check out the explanation below!

These 4 Tips Can Make Your PUBG Mobile Gameplay Even Cooler!

Full Boosting Is Mandatory!


While playing Classic mode, you can fight or even get killed at any time. You may find yourself caught in an intense battle that doesn’t have time to do it healing.

The only way to keep yourself from running out of blood is to drink energy drinks or pain killers and keep your character’s energy bar fully charged.

Apart from being able to help recover the reduced blood, if your energy bar is above 70% then you have a chance for a while to be able to run faster.

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Keep Moving in the Open


If you are forced to enter an area that is open and there is no protection you can use, then the key is not to stop moving!

With your character constantly moving, this will give you a smaller chance of getting a headshot from sniper users.

Conversely, if you are stationary or stop moving in an open area, then you will be an easy target for snipers. If you want to be more extreme, move in a zigzag or right-left motion. Even better if you can match your movements by shooting enemies.

In addition, being in constant motion will automatically make you better prepared to avoid sudden shots from enemies.

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Don’t underestimate the Smoke Grenade

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When you want to help a friend who is dying, enter a zone that has been monitored by the enemy, open the enemy’s loot crate, and open the Airdrop Box Supply, it will be more if you open the smoke grenade first.

Smoke grenades are really important to protect you from enemy attacks. In addition to protecting you, smoke grenades can also be used as a distraction for enemies. So don’t forget to bring lots of smoke grenades, OK!

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Park the Vehicle Next to the Building Window


Carrying a vehicle also has a strategy, you know! Park your vehicle next to the window with the aim of making it easier for you when you want to immediately enter the zone or escape from the pursuit of the enemy who is heading for the building where you are hiding.

Don’t go too far when storing the vehicle, because it will make it difficult and waste your time to approach it.

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Based on the 4 tips above, how many tips have you applied while playing PUBG Mobile? Thank you for listening!