6 skins that Chou ML has in Mobile Legends, do you have them?

Mobile Legends is a game that has a variety of heroes and skins. Now one of the coolest skins is the hero Chou, now here are the skins that Chou has in Mobile Legends.

Moonton gave Chou many skills from the usual to the most popular. As a fighter hero, Chou is often used in Mobile Legends tournaments. It has many advantages ranging from skill-2, immune effects to blink & shield which makes it very strong in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Chou’s line of skins in the Mobile Legends game to date. So, here is a list of Chou’s skins that you can buy in Mobile Legends. Are you curious about the coolest skin of Chou’s hero? Come see the full review!

6 Skins Owned by Chou ML in Mobile Legends

Dragon Boy

This festival-themed skin is Chou’s Epic skin. Appear with animated visuals and have new skill effects. However, this Dragon boy skin is rare, you can only get it when you join the event.

Hip-Hop Boy

This skin does not have any special features, aka normal or normal skin from Chou. However, Hip hop boy skins are still cool to use and can get 299 diamonds.

Go Ballistic

This Chou skin was present for the first time in 2019. Chou’s star skin is rare. It is said to be rare because you cannot get Go Ballistic with diamonds or premium Skin Fragments. You can only get it by waiting for certain events.

King of Muay Thai

Chou’s Elite Skin has animated visuals with a combination of a Belt boxer on his stomach. King of Muay Thai as Chou’s elite skin has the latest skills too, later you can get it with only 599 Diamonds.

Furious Tiger

Chou’s special skin is the most expensive skin, you can get it using diamonds. If previously the theme was muay thai, Furious Tiger comes with the theme of Taekwondo.


Lori Yagamai

Chou has the most special skin among the other skins, namely Iori Yagami (Skin KOF). You can only get Chou’s special skin by waiting for the event. Why is it said to be the most special skin from his other skins? because it has very cool visuals and voices compared to other skins. With the tone of the red skin costume, it gives off a strong and cool aura at the same time.

This hero fighter is very popular. How not, compared to other fighters Chou has a myriad of skins. Heroes who have lots of skins, especially limited ones, are certainly popular.

So, those are the skins that Chou’s hero has in the Mobile Legends game, where these skins are elite, ordinary, epic and limited skins. Hopefully this review can be useful for you, especially Chou users in Mobile Legends.

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