Release Date for Esemeralda Balzing Shadow’s Latest Skin in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the games that often presents a row of the latest skins every month, after previously Moonton presented around 3 Blazing West skins, namely for heroes Aldous, Layla and also Franco on November 28, in December you will have two more new skins, namely for the heroes Claude and Esmeralda. So here is the release date for the new Esmeralda Blazing Shadow skin in the Mobile Legends game.

Esmeralda is one of the tank heroes who is quite active in becoming a meta hero in season 18 of Mobile Legends at this time, this one is a favorite because she is able to become an all-round hero in every battlefield in Mobile Legends, Esmeralda is able to become a formidable offlaner hero, hyper carry hero and even support heroes or tanks. The ability of this one hero is indeed quite annoying because it has a very strong shield. Therefore, you must have the latest skin for the Esmeralda hero in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a release date for the new Esmeralda hero skin called Blazing Shadow, which you can get this one skin next month in Mobile Legends. So, curious about the price and release date of this newest skin?

Release Date Skin Esmeralda Blazing Shadow Mobile Legends

The newest skin for the Esmeralda hero named Blazing Shadow will be released on December 5, you can see the latest appearance of this Esmeralda skin in the picture above.

Esmeralda skiing is very cool with a display that shows itself as a shadow, this skin shows Esmeralda with a very beautiful appearance like a queen in the Land of Dawn. Surely you will be fascinated with the latest skin given to this Esmeralda hero, with a very elegant red dress, long dark hair and a very beautiful face.

Moreover, the animation that will be given later will definitely be very different from Esmeralda’s previous skin, you Skill animation will be cooler and better than other skins that Moonton has presented. Surely the newest skin of Esmeralda Blazing Shadow knows this is a must for you to get.

Price of Esmeralda Blazing Shadow Skin in Mobile Legends

For the price itself, it doesn’t have a definite price, even though the price offered certainly won’t be more than 899 diamonds, which is the normal price for Epic skins in Mobile Legends. Usually Moonton will also present it at an event so the price is even cheaper.

Esmeralda Blazing Shadow’s newest skin is a must for you to look forward to. Make sure you get this latest skin, because the hero Esmeralda himself is still one of the meta heroes in Mobile Legends.

Now that’s all, for the latest review of the release date for the Esmeralda Blazing Shadow skin in the Mobile Legends game, hopefully the above reviews can be useful especially for those of you who are Esmeralda users in Mobile Legends!