5 Dangerous Risks of MOD Free Fire for Android and iOS?

The prices of various free fire game items on the market are quite expensive. Especially for some people whose funds are limited. Moreover, during the Covid-19 pandemic, you had to save often. In the end, you don’t buy items, or install other new games, or transfer virtual money. On average, the solution to that problem is to use the MOD application or use a cheat. Well, do you know the Dangerous Risks of MOD Free Fire for Android?

The MOD application is an application that is modified in such a way as to get paid features / items in the game. Or if you don’t use the MOD application, use certain cheats to get certain items / features.

These two techniques are very common among gamers. Unfortunately, not many people know the dangers of using MOD applications or using cheats in free fire games. Therefore, you must know the 5 dangerous risks of the MOD free fire application for Android and iOS.


The use of the Mod application can be detected by the service provider. In a free fire game, Garena can detect your application as a modified application. If you already accept a modified application, chances are that the risk is that you will be banned by Garena fre eFire.

Although it is rare for cases to be banned like this. Less risk is a warning from Garena. The warning is a notification that the MOD application contains cheating and is dangerous when playing free fire. If that’s the case, chances are Garena will refuse to open your account.


How to Become a Free Fire Role Sniper

One of the main reasons Garena refuses the MOD application installed on your smartphone is the possibility of cheating in the application. There can be an imbalance in the application because of the modifier’s intent or accident.

If there is cheating in an application, get ready for your device to be banned by Garena Free Fire. Your data when playing the game will just disappear and start over

Mostly advertising

Using the FF Cheat

One of the other dangers of the MOD application is that it has a lot of advertisements. These advertisements can appear at any time as pop-ups. Without waiting for approval, these ads can appear when you are playing the game. Or when you are making a free fire character in the game. The effect, makes emotions. I’m having fun playing, but an ad is coming out.

Free fire Account Theft

The most dangerous risk from the MOD application is the theft of a free fire account. You and other Android users may not even realize this. Chances are, in the MOD application there is a bug that can send data on your smartphone without your permission.

If that’s the case, prepare the risk if your free fire account will be transferred and you won’t have an account anymore. Well, have to start all over again

Make a loss for the original application

The most pronounced risk lies with the developer. The MOD application can cause loss to application developers, especially Garena free fire. Because there is no money from purchasing items / features, no top tup money, the developer image is bad, and so on. In the end, if most of them use the MOD application, the developer can go bankrupt.

If it’s bankrupt, the free fire game that is played will disappear from the market. If that’s the case, gamers will also be the losers.

Therefore, you should never install mods in this free fire game. I love other honest friends. Later, if the free fire game closes because of the many cheaters and mods to blame, yes, those of you who often use mods!