5 Mistakes of Free Fire Players Often Made on FF

Those of you who have been playing Free Fire for a long time, must have understood very well how to play in this game from the basics. In fact, there are many tricks that you do to play, by taking advantage of what is in the game. However, it is different with beginners who still play improperly and do things that are not necessary. Here we will discuss more deeply about how to play Free Fire and the Mistakes of Free Fire Player that are Often Done without realizing it on FF.

Free Fire has many Downloaders who play this game, and many new players are also playing it. You can use characters with various skills and various weapons that you can find. Many players have played for a long time and understand very well how to play well. In fact, they avoid things that could harm them. This is a good example to follow, so that you don’t fall over with the same mistakes.

If you can play well, the chances of you winning are high too. However, sometimes you make the same mistakes, and it’s done over and over again. It’s good for you to avoid things that can harm you, so that you can avoid things that are not desirable. Even small things can make you lose, so you should be able to avoid these small mistakes.

These 5 mistakes of free fire players, make it difficult for many players to attack enemies. You can see the reasons below:

  1. Shoot with origin
  2. Directly eyeing the airdrop
  3. Reloading at the wrong time
  4. Stand at the corner
  5. Run while using a weapon

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. By paying attention to this, you can play better.

Here we will provide tips about the Mistakes of Free Fire Players that are Often Done when playing. You should avoid the mistakes below, so that you can play better. Because, you will get a lot of losses when you do this.

The following are mistakes of free fire players that are often made by FF players without realizing it:


If you are walking or finding an enemy from a distance, it is better if you don’t shoot the enemy carelessly. If you shoot the enemy randomly, your whereabouts will be known by the enemy. Not only that, you can also attract the attention of the other squads too.


When you see the Airdrop, don’t run there immediately. You guys check first, there are other players or not. Because, usually the airdrop will fall in an open place and some are already eyeing it first.


When you attack an enemy, watch your bullets. Don’t Reload when you attack enemies at close range. If your bullets run out, try using other weapons available.


When you are in the house, don’t stand or wait for the enemy in the corner. Because, if the enemy knows your whereabouts, you have no way of running. Try to find another place to hide, or run to a place the enemy doesn’t predict.


Each weapon has a different weight. If you run with a weapon, your running speed will be reduced. Therefore, try using a lighter knife or secondary weapon so you can run faster.

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Those are the mistakes free Fire players often do when playing on FF. It’s good for you not to do this, because it can harm you. By knowing it, hopefully you can avoid it. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!