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Microsoft has now completed a US $ 7.5 billion acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company – ZeniMax Media.

This gives Microsoft full rights to the game studio from Bethesda ZeniMax Media.

A few days after the acquisition was completed, Microsoft also announced 20 big games that will be added later.

The 20 great games belonging to Bethesda ZeniMax Media which will be added to the Xbox Game Pass will probably become your favorite games.

At the same time it is. Microsoft has also held a giveaway for a set of controllers belonging to the famous game from Bethesda.

What Bethesda Games Enter the Newest Controller on XboxGame!

For now, Microsoft has also drawn a number of giveaways for a Bethesda-themed Xbox Series control set.

This draw also aims to promote and at the same time celebrate the acquisition and arrival of games from Bethesda ZeniMax to XboxGame Pass.

For friends who are interested in participating in the raffle, you only need to retest the post with the hashtag #XboxBethesdasweeptake.

As for the other requirements, that is, make sure all accounts to retweet #XboxBethesdasweeptake must be in a published position.

For the minimum age, which is 18 years or more, so for those of you who are 18 years and under, you are not allowed to take part in this lottery.

The deadline given is April 17 at 7 PM Pacific or April 17 at 9 AM WIB.

There is only one winner who will get the prize, for those of you who don’t win, please be patient!

Here are the limited Xbox Series controllers emblazoned with the Bethesda logo:

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls is an action RPG video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

The main story in this game is centered on the player character Sang Daragonborn on their way to defeat Aldiun


Doom is a video game that is commonly regarded as one of the pioneers in this type of shooting game.

Fans of this game are commonly referred to as Doomguy who will fight demonic forces on a Mars satellite mission.


Wolfenstein is a video game series with the theme of World War Two, with action elements and a secret grid.

Most of the games in this series use the main character named William, who is an American sergeant of Polish Jewish descent.


Zenimax Media is developing the Dishonored game series which aims to make fans happy through its newest series.

Through the amazing action of this Dishonored game, you can feel the tension the game offers.

The Evil Within

Just like Dishonored, this game is also developed to greet fans in the gaming world.


Fallout was first launched in the 2000s and the vibration is still high.

That’s why Microsoft also acquired this game to add to its ranks of other cool games.


Zenimax Media’s game development didn’t stop there, US stock companies also took part in the Prey game.

Like other games Prey also has many fans and there are still many who play it until now.

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