5 ML Hero Subscriptions Banned in High Rank Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has a very diverse rank rank. And starting from the Epic rank you will feel the draft phase where the ban and pick of mobile legends will occur. This is quite important to carry out your strategy. But if you play solo, of course this is quite difficult. This time there are 5 Mobile Legends Heroes, Subscriptions Banned Continue to Rank ML Legend and above that you should know.

Of course, these heroes are continuously banned, not without reason. They are one of the best heroes in their roles, which makes them a frequent target in the draft pick. You can use this to your advantage.

Playing solo at a high rank is quite a difficult challenge because you have to decide which heroes should be banned. And in Mobile Legends, there are several heroes who are strong enough and sometimes obliged to always be banned so as not to cause problems when picked up by the enemy.

Often banned, these heroes often bother their opponents if they are released. The reason is very clear why subscriptions are banned from heroes on this list, so you guys read on until they run out.

Here we will provide 5 heroes that you must ban in the Legend and Mythic ranks and above. These heroes are often used by players tryhard which will trouble you.


Being the best marksman hero right now for two consecutive seasons is not without reason. Granger has very strong burst skills and also a deadly ulti in the late game. This makes him a subscription pick by the enemy. Because this hero is very difficult to count, even Granger’s first pick is not a problem if they use strong support. Is one of the 5 Banned Subscription ML Heroes certainly makes it very strong.


Atlas is a tanker hero that you must ban because of many factors. CC, damage reduction, initiation, MVSPD up, and also slow. This makes him very strong when maintaining the team, opening teamfight, and also gank. Atlas is a versatile tank hero who is also very strong in a compact team.

5 Hero ML Subscription Banned – CECILLION

If you think a squishy mage hero without mobility is a bad thing, make no mistake because at high rank heroes like this are very scary. The reason a hero like Cecillion is not recommended to be picked in the small and medium ranks is because he is easy to gank and your team is often a burden and does not protect him. At high rank Cecillion is the source of a terrible team’s damage.


Has the same reason as Cecillion. Pharsa is a mage hero who has many ways to crush your team. But the thing that is very strong about it is ulti. Pharsa Ulti is very deadly at high rank because reliable players know when to use it. Often used in teamfight or push as a zoning tool.

5 Banned Subscription ML Heroes – LANCELOT

If you don’t get banned from this hero, be prepared for hassles throughout the game. Lancelot is a hero who has a high burst and is able to survive a very long time in teamfight thanks to his iframe and mobility. Lancelot is a hero who needs to be feared and banned if the opportunity arises.

Those are the 5 strongest heroes in Mobile Legends that you must ban in the Legend and Mythic ranks and above. These heroes are very deadly when used by the right people and understand how to use them.

You can use this guide to determine the draft pick later in high rank. Of course this is very useful because you can use it to fight against the opponent’s draft.

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