Who Replaces Evos Luminaire In MPL Season 6?

Evos is one of the Esports teams in Indonesia. Looks like the target now is MPL Season 6. Previously, you might have known about one of the members at Evos Vekum for a while. So, who replaces him is a big question. Here we will discuss about the Evos Esports Team.

Maybe you already know that one of the members at Evos will do a vacuum. That person is Evos Luminaire. Evos Luminaire is officially on hiatus from Dunia Esports, so he will not participate in MPL Season 6 this time. This seems to have been predicted, because when the roaster Evos announced on their social media, it did not feature Evos Luminaire, who usually follows MPL. But, in the absence of Luminaire in MPL season 6, who will replace him ?. Looks like Evos already has other members to fill Evos Luminaire’s bench.

After the Roster Banner has been set and it turns out that Evos Luminaire is not there, he will be replaced by Rexxy. The role that Luminaire usually takes is support, so how is the performance of Rexxy. Then, can Rexxy match Luminaire to help his team. Actually, Rexxy is very good at being a support and has great skills, so there is no need to worry about relying on it. Plus, it looks like Rexxy has also been practicing to be even better now.

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Here we will provide information about Who Replaces Evos Luminaire later in MPL Season 6. With Luminaire Vacuum, someone else has to take his place. It turned out that it was indeed Rexxy and now he was taking on the role of support. What is rexxy like, we will discuss it more deeply later.

Why Evos Luminaire Vacuum?

Previously, you may have heard or read about why luminaires are vacuum. So, in essence, Luminaire Vacuum is because there is an agreement that must be kept with his family. Now, Luminaire must continue their education in college. Maybe this agreement was what made Evos Luminaire have to do Vacuum.

After that, Evos Luminaire did not participate in Esports activities anymore, focusing on his education. However, there is a question about who replaces Evos Luminaire. Because, MPL Season 6 will be continued, but Evos will not add Evos Luminaire to the roster.

Who Replaces Evos Luminaire?

In the absence of Evos Luminaire, then who will replace him. it turns out that replacing the support role that Evos Luminaire usually takes is Rexxy. So, Rexxy is now one of the members who will take part in MPL Season 6 by replacing Evos Luminaire. That way, the Evos roster is complete.

So it looks like Rexxy will replace Luminaire to become support at Evos. You don’t need to worry, rexxy skills as support are also good. This can help Evos in winning MPL Season 6 later.

That’s the info about Who Replaces Evos Luminaire in MPL Season 6. Even though Luminaire is not present, Evos still has Rexxy to replace him. Now, Luminaire has to focus on his education, so that Evos can’t bother him first.

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