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Clint is one of the marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who has a passive skill to provide critical damage. Clint himself was chosen as the hero to be given the Revamp by Moonton. Currently the new Clint revamped is on the Advanced server Mobile Legends and will soon be on the original server as well. On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the hero counter of Clint Mobile Legends.

Clint in meta is currently less popular and is very rarely played. Clint is less competitive with other marksman heroes who still exist and can be more effectively used in gameplay than clint. This hero also has many counters that will make it very difficult for Clint to play in a gameplay.


Saber is a hero assassin that can be used to give Clint a huge burst of damage. With just one skill combo, Clint can be killed easily. Besides that, Saber also has the Blink skill which can be used to approach Clint well. After getting Revamp Saber became an even stronger Assassin hero in Mobile Legends.


Helcurt is an assassin hero with his specialist ability to silence opponents. You can use Helcurt to count Clint well. Use the ultimate skill to make things dark and use one skill to get close to the clint. When exposed to silence, use your burst damage by using the second skill. Clint can beaten easily.


Lancelot has a skill that can be used to approach Clint easily. Through minions, Lancelot can use his one skill. Apart from that, the two Lancelot skills can also be used to immune Clint’s attack. With just one combo, Lancelot can beat Clint because the damage is quite large.


Chou is a hero fighter with Crowd Control abilities that can be used to count Clint. With this CC effect, Clint’s movement will be hampered and will make it difficult for him to use his attack skills. Chou can also beat Clint quickly using his combo attack skills.


Khufra can use his one skill to attack Clint easily. His second skill when used will hamper Clint’s movement and it will be difficult for him to use skills. Khufra’s Ultimate Skill can also be used to give Clint a stun effect. This is what makes Clint easily defeated by Khufra.


Kagura can easily beat Clint with just one combo. The far attack range can reach Clint easily. After that you only need to use skill combos to defeat it.

That is the explanation of the hero counter Clint in Mobile Legends that Esportsku have discussed. Using one of the heroes above is guaranteed to make it easier for you to beat Clint in gameplay. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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