How to get the Santa militia FF Bundle on Free Fire

Entering the winter holidays, game developers are competing to hold their latest event. This time there is a new event from free fire with the name winterlands event with the theme of winter in free fire. In this event there are also other events that are no less lively, namely caroline winter free fire event. At the caroline event you will get the Santa Militia bundle. Then, how do you get the free fire santa militia FF bundle?

In this caroline event, anyone who wants to get the latest free fire bundle for free must complete the mission. You have to collect winterlands sock tokens to do a spin on this caroline event. To get it, you just need to destroy the FF snowman in the Bermuda map. We discussed this in the previous post.

How to get the Santa militia FF Bundle on Free Fire

1. You Must Get Winterlands Sock Token

For free fire players, what must be done first to get the Santa Militia FF Bundle is to get and then collect the Sock Free Fire token. You must collect a minimum of 33 winterlands sock free fires tokens. This is for you to enter the gold spehre stage at the caroline free fire event

If you already have at least 33 winterlands sock tokens. You have the right to enter the gold spehre stage where you have the opportunity to get skin bunle militia free fire.

2. Spin the Caroline Free Fire Event to Get the Free Fire Santa militia Bundle

Furthermore, when you have received at least 33 winterlands sock ff tokens. You can spin the caroline free fire event. For how to do the spin is in our previous post.

As we know that this event has a grand prize the santa militia. Besides that, there are also other prizes that are given free of charge by Garena Free Fire. For those of you who want to get the main prize, you can immediately hunt for the FF snowman at the location which we have provided in the following.

The Caroline free fire event itself is divided into several stages as well as different prizes at each stage. To get the main prize, at least you can pass the previous 2 stages. This is because, the santa militia bundle skin is in the gold sphere stage of the 3 existing stages.

First you will enter the silver sphere stage which contains 4 prize stages with you doing 11 spins of the winterlands free fire token. Furthermore, you are in the same gold sphere in 4 prize stages. It’s just that the difference is that you do 21 spins at this stage to get the Santa militia Free Fire Bundle. After that you enter the bronze sphere, which means you have the opportunity to get the Santa Militia Bundle Free Fire at this stage. To be sure, the bronze sphere has 4 stages and 20 spins to get the winter lootbox

Players who want to get must pass these stages in order to get the main prize. You have to get as many winterlands sock tokens to get this main prize faster.

About the Stages in the Caroline Free Fire Event

Silver Sphere stages

At these stages you will be faced with several existing spins. The main prize of this stage is a wicked snowman ff parachute and other attractive prizes.

All you have to do is spin the winterland sock token 11 times to get the main prize for the wicked snowman parachute. If you are lucky, you can get this grand prize when you do your first spin.

And for those of you who want to continue the journey to the next stage. You have to spin 11 times or less depending on how many spins you get the main prize. after that you can open the gold sphere stages.

Gold Sphere Stages To Get Free Fire Santa Militia Bundle

After you have done 11 spins or it could be less depending on you getting the main prize at the silver sphere stage. Then you have the right to proceed to the gold sphere stage to get the Free Fire Santa militia Bundle.

How to get the Santa militia FF Bundle At this stage you normally have to spin 21 times to get the main prize. At the gold sphere stage, the main prize is the Santa Militia skin bundle. This means that you can get the skin at this stage. If you are lucky, then you will get your first spin at this stage.

For those of you who are still not satisfied with the prizes at this stage, you can continue it in the same way in the silver sphere stage. Where you have to get the main prize first, then you can move on to the next stage

Bronze Sphere stages

At this stage, you can open it by getting the Santa militia skin bundle first at the gold sphere caroline ff event stage. You will do 21 spins so you are at this stage.

Players will get lootbox winter’s delight free fire in the bronze sphere stage. At this stage there will be 20 other prizes that you can get. This means that you can spin 20 winterlands tokens to get other attractive prizes.

Of course, at this stage, you will see a variety of cool prizes that you can have. Make sure you can be at this stage in order to get cool prizes waiting for you here You can also spin continuously without stopping because at this stage you are unlimited to exchange the winterlands free fire token spin