7 Strongest Hero Fighter Late Game Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that has a lot of heroes in it, there are around 105 heroes, now you have several of the strongest hero fighters in the late game Mobile Legends (ML).

Hero fighter is a very important hero in matches, a hero with this role has the advantage of toughness for team fight and can provide large burst damage. But the drawback itself is the close range of attacks. There are some of the strongest fighter heroes in the Late Game which we will review as follows.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the strongest line of hero fighters that you can play up to the Late Game in Mobile Legends, this fighter hero has the ability to make an epic comeback if needed. So interested in trying?

The Strongest Hero Fighter in the Late Game of Mobile Legends

The number of hero fighters makes us confused in choosing, now for the problem of the strongest hero fighter that you can use until the late game,

You can try some of the following Strongest Hero Fighter Late Game Mobile Legends (ML):


The strongest first hero in the late game is Thamuz, who is the favorite offlaner hero of all devotees. This hero has great damage and defensive abilities that are no less light. With a wide area attack, it can provide a lifesteal that makes it resilient.

Aldous as the Strongest Hero Fighter Late Game Mobile Legends (ML)

The next hero is Aldous who is a late game specialist fighter. Aldous’s stack ability can only be collected during the late game, and when the stack is full, Aldous can easily kill his opponent with even one attack.


Next is the Khaleed hero who is the mainstay of today’s pro players. Khaleed has good offensive skills in the early game and offensive skills in the late game. This one hero is your choice as an offlaner.


The next Strongest Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends (ML) is the Barats hero who is the best hero for sidelaner. Barats himself is a fighter hybrid tanker which makes him very strong. Thanks to his passive skills that can increase damage, defense and make his body big, this hero is the strongest fighter hero in the Late Game.


Next is the Argus hero who is a fighter hero who recently got his latest revamp. Argus is a fighter hero with the most powerful and invincible ultimate ability. This hero also tends to be weak in the early game but is very deadly in the late game.


Hero Alucard both in the early game and late game itself is very strong and you can make it the best core hero in Mobile Legends. Now Alucard can be the best choice for you to make an epic comeback.

Yu Zhong

The last strongest hero fighter in the late game Mobile Legends (ML) is Yu Zhong who is the best fighter hero that you can use in the early game to the late game. This one hero is often used as an offlaner and has become the best fighter hero in recent meta. Now you can use Yu Zhong as your mainstay hero to play Mobile Legends.

So, those are the strongest fighter heroes that you can use in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers. Stay Tune on my esports instagram!