Pause Rules in MPL Season 6 Mobile Legends and Evos ML Chronology!

Rule pause in MPL Season 6 Mobile Legends. If you are a loyal spectator of the Mobile Legends esports scene, surely you will not miss the exciting match between ONIC and EVOS in MPL Season 6 week 3 day 1. This exciting match was won by ONIC with a score of 2-0. A surprising result counts them against EVOS. But there is one thing that attracts a lot of attention from Mobile Legends players.

In this match, it seemed that many EVOS fans had an issue regarding ONIC’s victory. The reason is that many think that ONIC is playing unfairly because of the pause made by EVOS.

It seems that many people are confused because MPL already has a rulebook. This rulebook has also set the rules regarding pause. The number of fans from EVOS who feel that EVOS is cheated must read this rule. Other players and spectators are also required to know.

Here we will discuss the rule pause in MPL season 6 Mobile Legends. Rules that do sound trivial, but are very important. This pause is a basic thing in big tournaments, especially the MPL.

Rule Pause In MPL Season 6 Mobile Legends

This pause rule has become the basic written rule of the MPL. All teams that follow MPL must obey the rules that are made, no exception. Therefore, you must understand this rule.

  • When playing a team, you can ask the manager to contact the referee to ask to pause
  • The referee must immediately pause when the team asks for it, unless there is a teamfight at that time then the pause is done afterwards.
  • When teamfight is finished, the pause will take effect immediately and can be implemented immediately
  • In one game, teams have a maximum of 5 minutes of pause, no more
  • The 5 minute pause rule only applies if there are problems with the device, internet, cellphone settings, and problems with other players
  • Unlimited pauses are possible as long as this is an error from the game such as a bug or server problem
  • If the team commits a violation from pause then Moonton has the right to punish the team

From the rule above it is clear that there is a 5 minute limitation when pause if the team asks for a regular pause, not a problem with the game. But in the ONIC game against EVOS there are things that can be said to be violated by EVOS. EVOS asked to pause because of an internet problem, not a problem with the game where there is a 5 minute limit.

The chronology is roughly like this

  • Evos asked to pause
  • The pause has been more than 5 minutes
  • Game resumes
  • Evos is still having trouble with their team
  • ONIC won as usual in game 1

The problem is on the EVOS internet that they have to pass the 55 minute pause limit. This made many EVOS fans furious, because because of this 5 minute rule EVOS lost against ONIC. Even though all teams have agreed to this rule and EVOS accepted it gracefully.

Obviously neither party wants this to happen. With the problem of COVID that forces MPL to be held online, of course, internet problems are a major issue, especially in Indonesia where ISPs are rarely correct and fit to be used. It is mandatory to be a lesson for organizers and also teams that take part in online matches like this.

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You must understand the rule pause in MPL Season 6 Mobile Legends so that later there is no mistake. Indeed, what happened to EVOS is unfortunate, but the rules are the rules. Also follow our social media on Instagram.


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