8 Players Transfers Ahead of MPL ID Season 6, BTR Alpha & Aura Fire Breaks All Players!

Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia Season 6 is about to begin, which will have a big surprise in the match. One of them is new players who will play. So, here are some transfer players for MPL ID Season 6.

MPL ID Season 6 will compete with the 8 best esports teams to get the champion title in the 6th season of the best league in Mobile Legends. To achieve this, of course there is a transfer market that is hot enough to discuss before the first week round of MPL ID Season 6 begins.

As for us, we summarize that there are several transfer players ahead of MPL ID Season 6, which is currently becoming hot news in the competitive Esports scene in Indonesia. So, here is the transfer exchange for Esports players who will play on MPL ID Season 6.

Renbo (Victim Esports> BTR Alpha)

First, there is Renbo, who is now under BTR Apha, which was a player from Victim Esports along with Sanz. But instead of joining Sanz, Renbo went to BTR Aplha and was predicted to be able to shine in MPL ID Season 6 this time, especially the weakness of Sanz himself is Renbo.

Renbo will play as support, which role will also be played by him with Victim Esports. Together with BTR Alpha, I hope that Renbo’s career will be even brighter in the future.

Sanz (Victim Esports> Onic Esports)

Onic Esports is currently transforming into a strong team and other teams should be aware of. This is due to Sanz’s presence in Onic Esports, which now plays a role in replacing CW as the midlaner and hyper carry at Onic Esports.

As for the achievements that Sanz had given when he had just joined Victim Esprost, he was very brilliant, when he joined, he was able to get the champion from the Mytel Championship 2020 which in the Grand Final, Sanz and other Onic Esports teams were able to crush EVOS Legends with a score of 3- 0.

Taka & Rippo (Back to BTR Alpha)

The BTR Alpha team seems to be completely overhauled. In the MPL ID Season 6 tournament where the two players had previously been with BTR Alpha but had been absent for several seasons.

There is Taka, who is a BTR Alpha player since he played during seasons 1 and 2. But unfortunately Taka had to miss 2 seasons in the competitive scene of Mobile Legends. But now Taka will try to play back to BTR Alpha in MPL ID Season 6.

The role played by Taka is midlaner or Hyper Carry in BTR Alpha, which is BTR now has to need Taka as the spearhead of their attack.

Next is Rippo, who was previously a former Malaysian Geek Fam who will now play together with BTR Alpha in MPL ID Season 6. Even so, Rippo himself has had enough of playing with BTR Alpha before.

Rappo will play as an offlaner in BTR Alpha, Taka as a hyper carry or midlaner, Renbo will play as Support and for other roles there are Kyy and Branz.

Trust (Onic Esports> Aura Fire)

Next there is Trust which will take shelter with Aura Fire, Aura Fire itself is one of the teams that is currently remodeling its players.

One of the players brought into the team is Trust, which Trust previously played with Onic Esports. Prior to joining Onic Trust, he was a player from Aerowolft, where he will now replace Clover who moved to EVOS Legends.

Tezet (Geek Fam> Aura Fire)

Tezet is a former member of Gek Fam Indonesia who will now play together with Aura Fire. Which we already know that Aura FIre has almost completely overhauled all of its players.

One of the ones he visited himself was Tezet, this has been confirmed on the MPL ID site, where he is now registered as an Aura Fire player.

Vanss (Power Danger> Aura Fire)

Next there is Vanss which is a player from MDL Season 1 who plays together with the Power Danger team. He will now join Aura Fire at MPL ID Season 6 tomorrow.

Vanss also played with Siren Esports, where he managed to shake the game from Victim Esports. Seeing this potential, Aura Fire brought Vanss to play on MDL Season 6.

Udil (Onic Esports> Alter Ego)

First there is the transfer of players from Onic Esports to Alter Ego, where Udil Subakti is a star player from Onic Esports who will now play against the former team who made his name in MPL ID Season 6.

Udil has won a myriad of achievements and is now trusted to bring Alter Ego to become the champion in MPL ID Season 6. As for himself, he is known as the strongest midlaner in MPL Season 4, but now Udil plays as a support together with Alter Ego.


MidGod and Rave (RRQ> Aerowolf)

Rave and Midgod are former players from NXL which in MPL ID Season 1 won first place. However, after NXL changed its name to Genflix Aeorowolf, MidGod, who is often called Billy, and Rave, played with RRQ.

Even so, in RRQ they only play as a reserve player. Both are also rarely used by RRQ so that these two players will now play with the team that has made their name, namely Genflix Aerowolf.

So that’s the line of Transfer Players ahead of the start of the MPL ID Season 6, where each team will compete to get the next best champion.

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