Alucard Mobile Legends Ganking Strategy, Fighter Sustain

Alucard is a mobile legends fighter hero role that often appears in the middle to lower ranks. The reason is because players in these ranks rarely counter-build or counter-play so Alucard is very easy snowball. But the fact is that this hero is very easy to gang and kill.

The real Alucard is a hero snowball if you shutdown in the early game, he will only become a burden in the late game. This hero mobile legends is very weak against smart heroes who get a good position. Alucard also has a very fatal counter in Mobile Legends. Therefore, don’t be afraid to fight this hero.

Even though Alucard is very popular, he is easy to fight. Compared to other fighters, Alucard is the easiest fighter to count. Follow the methods below.

Here we will provide some tips on how to gang fighter Alucard in Mobile Legends and also fight Alucard in your game. This hero is a basic hero who is weak and easy to fight in Mobile Legends.


counter granger mobile legends

If you fight Alucard, immediately buy anti-heal items. There are two items for magical and physical, namely the Necklace of Durance and Deadly Blade. With this item Alucard immediately turns into a punching bag and is easy to kill. The reason is that Alucard is too dependent on lifesteal in his ult, with items that reduce the heal effect, eating Alucard will be very easy to kill. The Alucard Mobile Legends Ganking Strategy is quite important for you to remember.


Alucard is very sick against a hero who himself thanks to his passive mil. Therefore, don’t be alone too often when playing. Try to stick your hero with others and also always read the map if you want to go alone. Alucard who is strong against 1v1 is very weak when outnumbered.

Alucard Mobile Legends Ganking Strategy – HIM VERY VULNERABLE TO CC

Alucard is a hero who is too dependent on his offensive skills and self-buffs. He is very vulnerable to CC and is easily killed at first. By using a hero who has a lot of CC, you can keep locking Alucard.


Alucard Mobile Legends Ganking Strategy

Alucard is very strong and durable thanks to lifesteal, but it’s all useless when you burst. When Alucard gang immediately locks with CC and bursts himself. Alucard who is combined like that will not have time to fight back and immediately die quickly. Alucard Mobile Legends Ganking strategy is very effective when he is CC.


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If you fight Alucard and he appears on the lane, immediately gank him with your team. The reason is that Alucard cannot be given a farm and starts doing independent ganks later in the mid and lategame. You have to keep starting a gang until he is far behind in terms of gold and exp.

Alucard Mobile Legends Ganking Strategy – DO NOT TRY THE KITING WITH ALUCARD

The method and strategy most often used when ganking in Mobile Legends is kiting, and this is useless against Alucard. He is a very sticky hero thanks to his passive and leap skills, so don’t even try Alucard’s kite. Instead, try to get together and immediately lock himself and burst.

That’s the Alucard Mobile Legends Ganking Strategy. This one hero is very weak and prone to be killed very quickly if you have a compact team. Don’t ever try a solo gang if you don’t have that far advantage.

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