SPAS 12 Recoil Technique for Free Fire (FF) Close Battle!

One of the weapon that is powerful to use in close range battle is the SPAS 12 shotgun. SPAS 12 is a dangerous shotgun in Free Fire if you’re using it right. With this weapon, you can play effectively to rush an enemy and kill the enemy fast. The key to play with the shotgun is all the same, which is to play fast and accurately. You’re gonna want to aim for the enemy head and get the first shot to kill. So here we have some SPAS 12 recoil technique for Free Fire close battle!

SPAS 12 Recoil Technique for Free Fire Close Battle!

The best recoil settings

SPAS 12 is a shotgun that is not really suitable for beginners. There are many players that feels that all of the shotgun is a terrible weapon in Free Fire. This can be wrong because the SPAS 12 can be powerful if you can handle the recoil the right way. Usually, there are some recoil setting that is useful for this weapon, but it all solely depends on the players own personal setting. One thing that you need to remember is that you don’t have to bother changing the aim down sight setting in the game. It’s because you don’t have to aim down sight if you’re using the shotgun.

Use a smooth sensitivity to use the SPAS 12 recoil Free Fire

Playing the Free Fire game using the SPAS 12 shotgun requires a smooth sensitivity setting. Usually, you will need a recoil setting that is not that stiff so that you can move around and aim faster than normal. This depends on your device screen size, but it’s basically requires the equally smooth setting.

A smooth recoil can help your movement when using the SPAS 12 in Free Fire. With the screen requires more movement from you to aim further away, it will actually be better for you. If you’re using a heavier sensitivity in the game, it will be difficult to aim the SPAS 12 shotgun.

Use your personal best setting

One of the best recoil setting that you can use is the smooth setting, if you’re using any shotgun in Free Fire. If you’re copying other setup, there is a chance that it may not be the best setup for you. Which is why, you can use other setup only as reference, and you can change it a little bit after you have some reference.

And that’s some tips on the SPAS 12 recoil technique in Free Fire for a close range battle. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!