Bruno Mobile Legends, Build ML Items, Best Emblems and Battle Spells

Bruno is one of Markman’s heroes who has been around for a long time in Mobile Legends. You need to know that Bruno is a marksman who has enough damage to keep over power until season 16 of Mobile Legends. This time we will discuss about Bruno Mobile Legends, Build ML Items, Emblems and Best Battle Spells that you should know.

Mobile legends players may be familiar with this one hero. This hero is one of the most popular marksman mobile legends hero roles to date, from low rank to high rank. Skillset that supports mobility and great damage is the main reason the hero has become popular

The high popularity of this Marksman hero has made many ML players find out how to make Bruno Mobile Legends even more maximal in performance. If you are among such people then you have come to the right place. Here are the tips.

Bruno Mobile Legends

Bruno is also a marksman that is often used in the current meta season. This Marksman relies heavily on critical damage to attack his opponent in Mobile Legends.

Bruno’s skiill is quite simple but can produce quite a lot of damage. The only skill can do quite a lot of damage to his opponent and this hero also has the skill to blink and give crowd control to his enemy through his two skills. Bruno also has the ultimate skill, which is a burst damage area skill.

Build item Bruno in Mobile Legends

On this occasion we will provide a pro way to play Bruno in Mobile Legends along with build items, emblems, and battle spells that are suitable for Bruno’s hero. For those of you who are curious and want to know all that, let’s just look at the full explanation below! Make sure you understand well so you can be pro playing Bruno!

Swift Boots

Swift Boots are the first item that must be used for Bruno in Mobile Legends because using this item can make Bruno get an additional movement speed of +40 and can also increase his Attack speed by + 15%. Swift Boots are perfect for heroes who rely on attack speed to attack their opponents.

Raptor Machete

Raptor Machete is a jungle item that is very suitable for Bruno because it can help him to jungling quickly. The passive skill of this item is that it can increase the damage given to jungle monsters and can also give a true damage effect when Bruno uses a basic attack. The Raptor machete’s passive skill can be stacked up to 15 times. In addition, Bruno also received an increase in the form of +30 Physical Attack and + 15% Physical Penetration.

Endless Battle

Endless Battle is an item that is very suitable for Bruno because using this item will get a true damage effect on the basic attack after Bruno uses his skill. It is very suitable to be combined with his one skill which can increase critical when used. In addition, this item will also provide additional forms of +65 Physical Attack, +25 Mana Regen, +250 HP, + 10% Cooldown Reduction, + 5% Movement Speed, and + 10% Physical Lifestill.

Berseker’s Furry

Berseker’s Furry is perfect for Bruno who relies on critical damage from his one skill. By using Berseker’s Furry you will certainly get an increase of + 40% Critical Damage. In addition, Bruono also received an increase in the form of +65 physical attack and + 25% Critical Chance. This item is perfect for Bruno because it can increase the percentage of Critical Damage.

Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom can provide an increase for Bruno in the form of +30 Physical Attack, + 20% Attack Speed, and + 25% Critical Chance. This item also has a passive skill where the critical hit generated by Bruno can increase the Hero’s Attack Speed ​​by 30% and his critical chance by 5%. This effect lasts for two seconds. This item is also very suitable for Bruno in increasing his Critical damage.

Wind of Nature

Wind of Nature is an item suitable for late games because by using this item Bruno can be immune to all physical damage which lasts for two seconds if passive WoN skills are activated. In addition, Bruno also received an increase of + 10% Physical Attack, + 25% Attack Speed, and + 15% Physical Lifestill.


Bruno Mobile Legends emblem

Bruno in the current meta season is perfect if he uses the custom Assassin Emblem. In the first tier, it is highly recommended to increase Agility by twice to increase his movement speed, then use the remaining one point in the first tier to increase Bravery to increase Physical Attack.

At the second tier it is highly recommended to increase the overall invansion because it can increase his Physical Penetration by +6. Then in the third tier it is highly recommended to take the talent Bounty Hunter who can add 40% gold if Bruno succeeds in eliminating the opponent.

Battle Spell Bruno Mobile Legends

There are two Battle Spells that are very suitable for Bruno, namely Purify and Flicker.


Purify is a battle spell that can make Bruno immune from CC and can avoid all debuffs for 1.2 seconds. In addition, this Battle spell will also increase Bruno’s movement speed by 30% when activated.


Flicker is also a battle spell suitable for Bruno and can be used to avoid enemy ganking. Use Flicker according to the situation and conditions so that its use is more effective.


How to Play and Gameplay Bruno in Mobile Legends

Early Game

During the Early Game, it is highly recommended to focus on cleaning minions, killing jungle monsters and taking buffs so that Bruno gets stronger. Do this until you get level 4. Type level 4 is reached then do the rotation to rank the core hero of the opposing team.

Mid Game

When entering the Mid Game, make sure to always maintain a good position so that it is not easily targeted by your opponent. If there is a war, Bruno must always help the war because Bruno himself is a source of damage for your team. Spam skill one and his basic attack. Use the ulti to destroy the opponent’s formation.

Late Game

Do the same thing as the Mid Game, make sure the position is not offside so that the enemy is not easily targeted. When the war takes place, look for a comfortable position so you can issue the ultimate skill then spam the basic attack after using skill one. This can help you to win the war during the Late Game. Use the passive WoN item skill appropriately so you can survive.

So, that’s the pro way to play Bruno in Mobile Legends, which we have explained. Hopefully it can be useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!