Build Items, Emblems, and Best Hanabi Spells in Mobile Legends (ML)

You can use the best build items, emblems, and spells for Hanabi in Mobile Legends (ML). Mobile Legends provides lots of heroes that you can use.

These various heroes also have various roles and uses in the game and for their respective teams. One of them is a marksman with a high carry potential for the team in the late game.

The hero we will discuss this time is Hanabi. Hanabi is a very strong hero in teamfight. This is because he has the advantage in his skill set. Hanabi can attack many people at once and also has CC which can spread if opponents coincide. In teamfight, this is very helpful.

In this case we will provide a complete build of Hanabi so that you can make this hero reach his highest potential. Very strong and reliable, this hero cannot be underestimated.

Esportsku made it as detailed as possible so that you can try Hanabi to its highest potential. Of course he is very strong if given the opportunity.

Here, let’s talk about building the best Hanabi item in Mobile Legends which is quite complete. He is very strong and can indeed be relied on because of his very high potential and can be a major threat in teamfight and throughout the game later.

Item Build

Hanabi is a very strong teamfight focus hero. With the right build items, he can dominate throughout the game and continue to be a threat. Of course you have to wait until the late game because Hanabi is the late hero who needs the items.

Raptor Machete

Raptor Machete can be Hanabi’s first item thanks to its high potential in the late game. With this item Hanabi must be active in farming and collecting her stack. Later the damage will go up very high.

Swift Boots

Swift Boots can be the best shoes for him. Hanabi requires a high ASPD to utilize her skillset. With high ASPD, his DPS will increase, considering that he can attack all opposing teams and is consistently a constant threat.

Scarlet Phantom

This item is perfect for Hanabi. ASPD and crit chance will certainly be very useful. In the late game this item will be even more dangerous thanks to the consistent ASPD and crit chance that can increase his DPS even higher.

Berserker Fury

Berserker will be Hanabi’s next item. This item will be very suitable to be combined with Scarlet Phantom thanks to the rapidly increasing crit chance and crit damage. Hanabi’s damage until this item can start to be consistent and participate in a strong team fight.


Hanabi who can attack many enemies at once, using this item is very strong. The effect of this Windtalker item stacks with all of Hanabi’s skillset which can make her very terrifying. ASPD and crit chance are also useful when combined with this item.

Blade Of Despair

Hanabi’s last item is quite flexible. He can use Immortailty to come back to life or Blade of Despair so that his DPS increases rapidly. This item is suitable as the last item so that Hanabi’s damage can increase continuously, especially if the crit is on.

Other Build Items

Corrosion Scythe

This item can be your choice if you need ASPD or its slow effect. For Hanabi, this item is very suitable considering Hanabi does not have chasing skills and CC only has multiplication.


If you hesitate to play full offensive, you can use Immortality as the last item. This item is very strong considering that Hanabi can come back to life and join the fight again. The revive effect is very tantalizing.

Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen

This item can be a defensive item for Hanabi and can also be used to play more aggressively. Hanabi is easy to kill considering the small HP pool and no escape skills. But if you use Wings and you are dying, Hanabi can still attack back with a lifesteal and shield.

Emblem and Battle Spell

Assassin’s emblem

For the choice of emblem, Hanabi has two choices, namely Assassin and Marksman. Depending on your playstyle, in general Assassin is the best choice. This emblem provided everything Hanabi needed.

Hanabis can increase her ASPD, crit chance, and increasing DPS. Not only that, in the last talent Hanabi can take Bounty Hunter which can increase her GPM if given the opportunity in the early game for snowballing.

Battle Spell


Flicker is the main choice of Hanabi. He can increase his very low mobility with this spell. Being able to blink to various places is very useful for Hanabi considering that she is very easy to gank.


Besides Flicker, you can also use Sprint as Hanabi’s battle spell. Hanabi, who can get additional MVSPD and is very fast, can be fast for various needs. He can chase opponents or run away quickly. The sprint can also be used as a kiting tool.


Hanabi is a late game hero who really needs full items to reach her potential. She needs almost all slot items to become a monster in team fight. Therefore, in the early game you have to play it safe and keep farming. Look for a kill if it can be helped by other team members.

Hanabi in teamfight must continue to keep her distance. Take an optimal and strategic position where Hanabi can continue to attack without stopping but does not give the opponent an opportunity to attack her.

Always take advantage of Hanabi’s skills. He must continue to absorb the opponent’s mana with his 2nd skill. Not only that, you can use his ulti as an initiator skill if your opponent is tightly gathered because one team’s CC is very valuable. Be careful with his wasteful mana and always absorb your opponent’s mana.

Pros and cons


  1. One of the very strong late game carry with its team fight potential
  2. The highest DPS in the game when in optimal teamfight
  3. CC can hit all members of the opposing team
  4. Passive skill which is very useful for escaping from death


  1. Very weak in the early game
  2. It’s easy to gank because there is no escape skill
  3. Hero who is very spoiled and needs to be stuck by friends
  4. 1v1 is almost impossible to win with most opponents

If you can protect yourself from enemies, you can attack more easily. You will become stronger against many enemies at once, but will require additional defense from your friends.

That’s the best Hanabi build item in Mobile Legends that you can enjoy. Very complete and can help your game when playing using Hanabi. Of course, this hero cannot be underestimated by his high potential. Also follow our social media on Instagram.