List of Teams Playing at the 2020 MPL Invitational!

Finally, the complete schedule and list of each team playing at the 2020 MPL Invitational have been announced, which is where we will look back at the excitement of the Esports Mobile Legends scene match. You can look back at the witnesses of your favorite team to get the title of Champion.

The MPL Invitational 2020 will present seven Indonesian teams and will be attended by four Asian countries. Several Indonesian teams who attended this tournament included Genflix Aerowolf, Geek Fam ID, RRQ Hoshi, Aura Fire, Bigetron Alpha, Onic Esports, Alter Ego and EVOS Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a schedule for the 2020 MPL Invitational tournament which will take place at the end of November to December 2020. Here are some of the teams that entered the group phase and also the playoffs at the 2020 MPL Invitational.

List of Teams Playing at the 2020 MPL Invitational

The first MPL Invitational 2020 Group phase has 3 teams from Indonesia and one team from the Philippines, this first group phase will present a match between EVOS Legends and Alter Ego, OMEGA PH vs Genflix Aerowolf and then RRQ Hoshi who is waiting at the base Playoffs. If EVOS Legends manages to win, of course we will look forward to El Clasico in the 2020 MPL Invitational playoffs.

Then in the second group phase consisting of Geek Fam ID vs BTR Alpha, Resurgence vs Blacklist International, then there is Todak Esports who is already waiting for the 2020 MPL Playoffs phase. In this group phase Geek Fam ID apparently has to compete again with BTR Alpha which is the same -sama from the Indonesian team.

The third group phase consists of two Indonesian teams, namely Aura Fire ID vs Aura PH, Onic Esports ID vs ONIC PH and in the playoffs phase, Bren Esports is waiting for Bren Esports who is the Champions of the Philippines. Can ONIC Esports fight other ONIC teams from other countries and beat Aura Esports to advance to the Playoffs?

The final group phase consists of Orange Louvre vs EVOS SG, Execration vs Ronin Esports and in the Playoffs phase, Burmese Ghoul is awaiting Champion from Myanmar.

The MPL Invitational 2020 itself will be held on 27-29 November 2020 for the Group Phase, then the Playoffs will be held on 5 – 6 December 2020. Later, every team that plays will immediately be knocked out and the game progresses quickly.

So that’s it for the schedule information and list of teams that will play in the 2020 MPL Invitational tournament which will take place in November – December 2020 this time. Can RRQ Hoshi be the champion of the MPL Invitational again and defend the title of defending champion at the MPL Invitational?