FF Professor K’s New KHSMR Character in Free Fire

You should know that there is Professor K’s new character from Free Fire x KSHMR, which is one we shouldn’t miss. Of course, with the presence of other new characters, especially those where collaboration is the coolest thing. Where we can feel a lot of other unique abilities, from this special Cooperation character.

Of course, with many of the latest things that are present in the Free Fire game, it will improve our performance to be even better later. Moreover, yesterday we had the Full Patch OB24 Free Fire, which is one of the things we can already feel in this game. So make sure you are now, have felt whatever new things in it.

Even so, maybe the current one is one of the things that can make you feel curious again. Esportsku got a leak from Appearance, the newest character that will be coming later. Just consider the explanation, in the article below.

Professor K’s New Character From Free Fire x KSHMR

Until now, there are many new things, which will be present in the game Free Fire now. Don’t forget that the Free Fire game is already famous for us to know now. Because of all the leaks that are presented, it will definitely make all players prefer to play the Free Fire game for a long time too.

So for now you have to know, for example, there are new characters and we can see their appearance too. Of course, with the presence of this newest character, it will make you even stronger when you play later. The character’s name is Professor K, he is a character who is specially presented in this Free Fire game.

Also yesterday, Esportsku gave information about the latest Free Fire x KSHMR collaboration. Where in this leak, it turns out that we can know the face of that character too. Even now you can immediately tell, that the character is ready to be present in the Free Fire game in the future.

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Professor K’s character, however, is not yet known from the part of his abilities. He’s the same as DJ Alok, who has his own unique Icon next to his name. If DJ Alok is “Alok” then Professor K is “K”, so maybe this character will become another new Meta in the Free Fire game.

The bundle given to this new character is indeed an outfit when he is doing a Live Conser and is presenting his DJ skills. Maybe for later, DJ K will become the mortal enemy of DJ Alok Free Fire in this Free Fire game.

We’ll just wait for further information, where reportedly this character will be present at the upcoming Booyah Day Free Fire Event. So from events like this, we can get lots of other cool prizes and one of them is the character.

You can also read the current Free Fire Character Features, where you can find out the ability of all the current character updates. So that later this can help you, to be even better when playing and use Professor K who will be presented soon.

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