Guide Rainbow Six Siege Kebut, Underpick Operators With High Winrate

Katakan is a trap Operator, which means that it is an Operator that specializes in setting traps. Kangkan can set traps in doors or windows to make an unskilled attacker get hit with a fairly high damage explosion. This time we will provide an explanation of the Rainbow Six Siege Kangkan Guide, a High Winrate Underpick Operator.

Just like Frost, although Katakan is a trap operator with a high winrate, it is not a meta operator like Lesion and Ela. Because of that, Kangkan is often underestimated by many.

Guide Rainbow Six Siege Kebut, Underpick Operators With High Winrate



  • Easy to use
  • Has C4
  • Very good SMG and the best gun in PMM games
  • Trap that deals high damage


  • Limited location for installing traps
  • Doesn’t provide high intel like Lesion or Frost
  • Often wastes time setting traps


The Kakkan utility is an explosive trap called the EDD MKII Tripwire, amounting to 5 pieces. EDDs can be installed on either windows or doors to prevent an unwary attacker from passing. EDD itself can be adjusted but only at the door.

The door can be installed in the head or foot position. Even though it doesn’t affect damage, EDD’s position is very influential so that the Attacker is more careful in checking the door.

EDD activation can be done if the Attacker;

  • Through the door or window
  • Jump in the window
  • Hit the door / window barricades in the same position as EDD

EDD has an explosion radius of 3 meters and will damage all utilities, both enemies and friends who are nearby.

The damage given by EDD also varies depending on the enemy’s armor;

  • 1 armor taken – 60 damage
  • 2 pieces of armor taken – 51 damage
  • 3 pieces of armor taken – 45 damage

Enemies who use shields will reduce damage from EDD if they point the shield towards EDD. Montagne with an active Full Body Shield will be the least affected by EDD.


Now, let’s think about what situations are very favorable to this trap belonging to Kapan.


If the enemy rushed without droning or rushing, they certainly wouldn’t have time to check windows or doors. By installing the EDD in the roamer rotation place and the rusher entry point, Katakan can handle the rusher easily.


Careless enemies who play without droning or communication are very beneficial to Katakan. With this, the effectiveness of Kangkan was greatly increased. With the danger of Kapan’s EDD and being overshadowed by the roamer, Attacker will certainly be more and more depressed to overcome which one used to be.


EDD will also force the enemy to focus on looking for Kapan’s traps, making them pay no attention to their surroundings and be able to be finished off by the waiting anchors.


The limited round time will allow them to expend all their strength when the time runs out. This will leave the attackers with no time for droning or checking conditions.

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Installing EDD also cannot be arbitrary. You also have to pay attention to the enemy’s play style and where they will attack.



Katakan does not have strong synergies with other operators. It is even better if Kangkan stay away from friends and play solo because traps triggered by enemies can damage the utility of friends and even injure team operators.


Kangkan is not a strong counter against enemy Operators, but Kangkan itself is very effective at countering enemies who are playing without droning or communicating. Very effective at the lower ranks.


  • IQ
  • Twitch
  • Thatcher
  • Operators who have access to explosives such as Ash and Zofia also frag grenades.