Hero Eudora in Mobile Legends, Hero Mage ML with Big Damage!

As we all know, there are quite a lot of Hero mages in the Mobile legends game and some of them are either Meta or just Overpowered. Of the many mages, the old mages are starting to be forgotten, such as the eudora mobile legends hero, the big damage ML mage hero!

Eudora is one of the oldest mages in the Mobile Legends game and until now this mage has rarely been used in Ranked Mode from Epic to Mythic. Even so, most people definitely think this Hero is weak right ?. Because it is rarely taken.

This assumption is wrong, as long as you know, Eudora is able to make mage heroes like Lunox and Harith die with one combo skill by her. The damage generated from Eudora is quite large and very painful. He is one of the Big Damage ML Mage Heroes. especially if it is used to scoop Marksman, most likely it will be a one-time Combo or only using Skill 2 and 3 is dead.

Hero Eudora Mobile Legends

In addition, item support is one that you must pay attention to when using Eudora, if the item is wrong then you will become a burden on your team.

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This time, we will provide one of the tips for using Eudora, namely using Eudora with one item that is very supportive and can make the targeted enemy die immediately with 1 Combo (except Tank). What items made Eudora even more painful? Here it is, listen carefully!

Big Damage ML Hero Mage!

Items that make Eudora Overpowered.

At that time, the Mobile legends have made an update to a higher version of the game and added a number of things that will be part of the game. At that moment, there is one of the newest magic items that is really suitable and good for all Hero mages. Because it can reduce Magical Defense to very low, this item is a Genius Wand.

This item is very useful against enemies who have very strong Magic defense, even this item is also very suitable for Hero Eudora combos. Because Eudora’s Skill 1 can reduce Magic Defense quite a lot. This is what causes Eudora to be able to perform a one-off Combo to its target.

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If you pair upn Correct build to Eudora and add this Genius Wand item. So there is no more reason if the Eudora you use can penetrate magic damage of more than 4000 to more than 5500.

Even so, the weakness that this hero has is from his defense, which in skill 2 Eudora can only stun one target. If only 1 person wants to scoop Eudora, it won’t be a problem. However, if there are 3 to 4 people who want to pick him up, chances are you will be overwhelmed and will die from being killed by the enemy groyokan.

When you play Hero Eudora in Mobile Legends. Always make sure to play safely and don’t get too far with your team members to keep each other out.

Those are some ways and items that are suitable for this Eudora hero, it is also said that this Hero will get a buff back, will Eudora return to being the Mage Queen and get rid of Lunox? We are waiting for the next answer!

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