How to Get 100 Diamond FF for Free Elite Pass Season 30 Free Fire

Currently we can find out some new information, if there is one way to get 100 Diamond FF in Elite Pass Season 30 Free Fire. With this, you can get a huge total profit. If you have fulfilled all the requirements of the Get Free Diamond event, then you also cannot pass all the benefits of the event.

Because there are still many interesting things we can get, if we take part in the event in the game Free Fire today. Especially what you need to know about How to Get Free Fire Elite Pass right now. With so the benefits we play this game, will be even greater because there are many permanent prizes and paid features that are free.

Especially from the way you can get diamonds right now, there must be many players who want it like this. Listen to the explanation directly, in the article below now.

How to Get Free Diamonds for Elite Pass Season 30 Free Fire

Knowing what we can get from the Elite Pass is the most useful thing to have later. Because indeed from all the new information now, you will know how to get 100 free diamonds from Elite Pass Season 30. But the main requirement, you have to complete it first and then get this lot of Diamond prizes, huh.

The way to get this prize is indeed quite easy and we will have no trouble at all later. That’s why for those who don’t know, now is the right time for that. For the first part, you enter the Events section, then look for the writing of Elite Pass Season 30 Free Fire Exchange right now.

After that you will immediately be taken to the Web Event section of this game and there you can see the mission that must be completed. Second, for those of you who want to get this Diamond, there is 1 condition first so you can get all of it. You must have Elite Pass Season 30, Season 29 and Season 28 to get all the prizes that are present at this event.

These three are included in the free Diamond explanation section, you must have 3 Elite Passes from now on and 2 before so you can also get the Diamond prize. For the Elite Pass Season 30 part, we can get a total of 25 Diamonds directly because if there are any, you can take them immediately.

Diamond Royale ticket!

Then for the second prize in the form of 1 Diamond Royale Ticket, where this is the condition for having Elite Pass seasons 29 and 30. Finally, the total of this third part is 75 Diamonds, a definite number. Even though it’s quite a lot, you must have an Elite Pass from Season 28 to 30 right now.

The total prizes obtained from this event are 100 Diamonds and 1 Diamond Royale Ticket. Our advantage in playing at this event too, will definitely make all players happy. Moreover, they are also not in vain to get Diamond by buying this Elite Pass.

You can also know about the Elite Pass from Season 1 to Now on Free Fire. Surely you old players who like the Elite Pass, won’t want to miss any of these Elite Passes later. By having that too, we will look cooler when using the gift bundles of this feature in the future too.

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