How to get free Epic skins for November 2020 in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA genre games to date. Moonton as the developer is able to make players who play in this game feel comfortable. Many interesting events are always held by Moonton. This is the main attraction of Mobile Legends. This time we will discuss how to get free diamonds from the latest Mobile Legends event.

Through this latest event, Mobile Legends players who play free to play can experience getting lots of diamonds. Mobile Legends itself is perfecting this latest event to be presented soon on the original Mobile Legends server. Of course this is good news for Mobile Legends players.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss how to get free diamonds from the latest Mobile Legends event. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how this latest event is and also how to get diamonds for free, let’s just see the full explanation below!

How to Get Free Diamonds & Epic Skins from the Latest Mobile Legends Event

Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends has prepared an event that will allow you to get free diamonds. Along with this, Moonton will also add a new feature, namely the exchange of a coin for diamond. At this time, the latest event to get free diamonds is still only on the Advanced server.

You need to know that from this event, only by completing the mission you can get coins that can be exchanged for diamonds. The mission itself is also very easy where you only need to complete one match, log in the game, and win two matches in ranked mode. For additional information, this event is called Vanguard coin supply.

This Vanguard Coin Suply is Moonton’s newest event where this event is still in the refinement stage on the advanced server. When this event is maximal and there are no more bugs or the like, of course it will be released soon on the original Mobile Legends server. To get the coins, you only need to do each mission.

After you get the vanguard coin, to turn it into a diamond you only need to go to the top up section. You can click the plus icon in your diamond. After that, click on the words “change” or “replace” in the top up feature later. Now, later the diamond price, which was originally in currency, will change to vanguard coin. You only need to exchange the coins you already have for the nominal diamonds you want.

Besides that, there are also some interesting epic skins that you can get from this vanguard sub event. The check-in update for the Vangquard event will give you one piece where there are four pieces and when all of them have been collected, you can open it and get a free epic skin.

So that’s an explanation of how to get free diamonds from the latest Mobile Legends event that I have discussed in Esports. Get ready to take part in this latest event and get free diamonds in Mobile Legends!